Is it appropriate?

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    I am a small business owner. My employees are people who work in order to feed their families and do not own or spend money on any luxury items. I am sort of hesitant to carry my LV bag to work. What do you think? Would it be appropriate if I did?

    I would love to hear your opinions, please.
  2. Yes, I think its appropriate, as long as its presented in a discreet manner. Unfortunately its the way of the world that some people will have more than others and vice versa. It's just "life". I'm sure you are a very nice person :smile: but if you are the type that feels superior or has an arrogant & egotistical manner towards your employees then I say, leave the LV at home!
  3. Why wouldn't it be?

    I am sure, as a business owner, you have worked hard to obtain all the nice things you are able to get for yourself. Besides, what are your employees gonna tell you?? lol

    Anyway, I see it as, You have worked hard, so you should be able to enjoy what you want when you want when you worked so hard for it :smile:
  4. The fact that you asked this question shows that you are considerate towards your employees' feelings and I think that's commendable. Generally speaking it is quite ok for bosses to be more "dressed up" and that includes carrying a branded handbag since you can clearly afford it, so long as you do not come across as being overtly flashy, flamboyant or arrogant. But if you wish to relate better to your fellow workers and feel (or suspect) that wearing designer labels may pose a barrier, then perhaps it's a good idea to leave them out. I am sure there are other occasions when you can wear them and fully enjoy them.
  5. ^^ ita
  6. The fact that you ask in here shows me that you would never be the type of person who would "rub it in", if you know what I mean. Even caring about the issue says to me that you will carry it discreetly and never wave it about, bragging about cost and such. Some people, im sure, would. That would make it unappropriate. Carrying it, not mentioning it, and not sitting about polishing the hardware (lol) will make it just fine, IMO.
  7. I think it would ok to use an LV bag to work. Like others have stated- to even ask if its ok it shows that you respect your employees. My bosses have nicer things than I do but I also do know that along with the benefits of owning a business there comes heavy responsibilities and major stress, much more than I have to deal with so I would never hold something like that against them.
  8. I would bring some to work, but definitely be discreet about it.
  9. it is appropriate,there's nothing wrong with it.
  10. I think that since you ackowledge that it could be an issue shows that you'll handle it well. My 1st knee jerk response was going to be "NO." After reading what your concerns are I believe that you'll handle it in a mature way and not have the bag there to make anyone feel inferior or uncomfortable!!!

    If your employee's start to comment or make it an issue then just don't take it back. If you won't feel confident with the bag yourself maybe just let them see you carry it in and out. Through out the day have it put up and out of site!
  11. I think that you deserve to bring your LV to work because you worked really hard to be where you are today, i mean being able to afford luxury items and having your own business. And of course, others have pointed out that your considerate of others people's feelings that's why you asked the question, but i also think you have a right to bring ur purse to work, i mean u do own that place.
  12. I think that it is fine. After-all, you OWN the business and employ people. Surely the employees do not that you are poor! As long as you are not hoarding it over their heads (as I can tell you wouldn't!), it shouldn't be a problem.
  13. It is appropriate for you to carry what you like. I feel that you are not in business solely to provide jobs for people; you are also making a living for yourself. In that regard, the money you make should be used for what you need/want and carrying a nice bag is not that big of a deal in the workplace. I assume you pay your workers fairly and treat them well, so they should not be grumbling about your luxury spending at their expense.
  14. I totally agree with you.
  15. First of all you sound like a very sensitive business owner!

    In answere to your question, I would not take my LV to work.