Is it an impossible quest to find a 226 or 227 dark gold reissue?

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  1. I failed at finding the s/s 07 black and white pearl necklace and that seemed more of a realistic mission. I really fell in love with the dark gold reissue but since things are arriving for f/w 07 already is it really impossible to find? I don't want to go on eBay--just want to buy it in the boutique. Anyone see this bag anywhere? Also, I live in Toronto, so is it possible for a store out of Canada to ship it in? Thank you for your time ladies! :heart:
  2. The dark gold reissue was from won't be able to find it in boutiques anymore. The resale market is your best bet...i.e. consignment shops, eBay, etc.

    There's a few of us who have been looking for this bag for a's a tough one to locate! :girlsigh:

    Good luck!!! :yes: ;)
  3. Ugh...the horror that is eBay. It was around Christmas time that it was launched right? It's really impossible to find in boutiques? I thought I rememebered a few members looking for the 05 gray anniversary reissue a while ago and some "surfaced" in the boutiques...somewhere in the states I think? Sigh...

    Oh yes! Do you know the retail price on this bag? I hope resale values aren't jacked up sky high like some of the mirror vuitton bags. Bah.