Is it allowed? "BORROW" an eBay acc to selling?

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  1. I noticed that some of resellers from here are using or borrowing their friend's eBay accounts to resell their items. They eBay accounts they borrowed are USA eBay account. Is it allowed to do?

    I asked them the reason and one of them ( selling high end designers items ( LV, Chanel, Bottega, etc ) was suspended by eBay and another one is getting selling limitation from eBay. I'm not sure the reason eBay put selling limitation on her account but guess it's due to she purchased fake LV Suhali from eBay for something around $1300 and tried to resell it on eBay ( I'm not sure if she has tried to list it on eBay yet )

    What do you think?
  2. People shoudlnt "borrow" others account, what if something wrong happens....then they can get suspended.
  3. Its allowed in the sense that you can have your friend(s) sell your stuff. However, the main holder of the account is ultimately responsible for anything that happens, disputes, ect.
  4. yup