Is it all LV or nothing??

  1. Do you ever get tired of just being LV obsessed? Do you ever feel like venturing off and buying a Chloe or a Balenciaga or are you just 100% devoted to LV?? :girlsigh:
  2. yes, sometimes i think i'll put lv on hold and buy something else for a while. but then i still find it hard to stray from lv since i love it so much. i have a couple of gucci bags from when i've tried to buy something different but in the end i always return to lv. just something about it that just draws me to it. i know everyone here can understand. hahahah....
  3. I like LV because I feel a lot of their bags suit my personality. The only other brand other than LV that I own is Fendi (SPY) but hoping it will change real soon!:graucho:
  4. Most of my good bags are LV and I toy with the idea of getting a Chloe or B.Bag soon but am not sure. LV is so classic that the bags seem more worth the money than other more trendy bags.

    When I am in the mood for a leather bag I grab my MJ or Kooba. :yes:
  5. I love some other bags such as Chloe and Chanel but I always end up thinking what LV I could buy instead.:drool: Basically I would rather buy LV and I can't explain my addiction.:lol:
    Also for other brands there's the access problem, in my capital city you can't buy Chloe or Chanel and it's hard to go half way around the country just to look at bags.:Push:
  6. Well, i just to buy handbags from different stores all the time but now that I've experienced buying my first LV it is definently only LV for me! :smile:
  7. Of all the bags I've bought since joining tPF, I've stuck with LV the most. I do have a Chloe clutch (great for going out), a few Isabella Fiore pieces (good everyday casual), Kooba (very casual) and have my eye on a couple Fendi pieces. :drool:

    I like LV the best because it goes with either my casual or dressy wardrobing. I've carried my Saleya PM to job interviews in a suit or with t-shirt and jeans.
  8. I like LV the best, and I am so familiar with all the different lines and styles. When I venture over to Chanel or Dior, one or two bags may be attractive, but I am easily confused by all the different ones for sale!

    So I usually stick to what I know and love! :love: :lol:
  9. My first designer bag was a Prada... I've collected some Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Coach, Kate Spade before I was even into LV.
  10. i absolutly looooove louis vuitton but sometimes i do try other brands....i LOVE handbags and i try not to discriminate lol.
  11. I'm diversifying a little bit now - I am going to buy a few more Chanel pieces.
  12. It's not all LV with me but LV was my first love. I love Balenciagas just as much though. I am over my MJ phase, too heavy. I love the older Isabella Fiores. My Mom gave me a leopard print pony hair and I love that bag. Ever since the I look for the older Fiores. I don't like all of the new leather ones, too western looking for me. I have Hogans, Todds, Botkier, and others. I buy what I like and don't stick to one designer but I will always get LV's unless they all begin to look like the spring '07 collection. What were they thinking?:yucky:
  13. Yup...only LVs....the only purse thats worth it for me...

    Classic, timeless, and durable and functional...and doesnt go on sale...I really luv that!!!

    I do have a few Prada pieces and I do like them alot but...they are my rainy day purses...:P
  14. I've actually already moved over to Balenciaga. :shame: I'm allocating virtually all of my bag funds to Balenciaga and I'm planning on selling some Louis Vuitton pieces to make room too. But it's not like I've given up on Louis! I just recently bought 4 groom items, 2 inclusion items, the leopard scarf and the Jack and Lucie keychain but I'm just not as crazy devoted for LV as I used to be. :smile:
  15. Now I only buy lv. I still own around 10 Coach bags, but they're all put away. I'll never use them again, but I'm hanging onto them to pass down to the girls in the family. I can't see myself buying anything else but lv. I guess it's because I believe they will hold their value and the styles I buy suit me perfectly. Also, it took me so long to be able to buy lv, I truly appreciate it.