Is it against TPF's rules to talk positively about fake bags?

  1. HI all,

    As I thought everyone here is against the use of fake bags i.e. not inspired but actual it against TPF's rules/ grain to talk positively about fake bags? Have been noticing lately many threads about usage of fake bags discussed in a positive light? Isnt that against the grain of many of us here anyway? :s

  2. it goes against the grain of most of us, yes.
    We can't control if people like them or support them, but we can control if we thinkg they're being promoted here, that's about it.
    As of right now, there's no rule against being a fan of illegal counterfeits.

    tPF DOES NOT support the purchase or manufacturing of these products at all, as you all know ;)

    If someone were to get out of line, just like about any other subject, we'd remove them.
  3. thanks for the clarification! :flowers:
  4. :true:
  5. vB does have an ignore option, at least ;) Or somebody could Tachy "special" people for more fun. :cough: :smile:
  6. thanks Vlad!

    hey Darwin, what do you mean by Tachy? (pls do excuse my ignorance) =)
  7. It's like a global ignore done by admins. The person can still post, but nobody can see it besides mods/admins. My favorite feature of an unhacked vB forum! hehehe.
  8. that's cool but would the person know they are being ignored? hehe (besides the obvious lack of replies of course!) hehe
  9. Only if somebody told him/her :biggrin:
  10. LOL :flowers:
  11. Thats Funny!