Is it a waste of money?

  1. I'm currently watching two Cherry Blossom Papillons and two Mini Monogram Trapeze PMs on eBay. One of each is being sold by the same seller, and they are in slightly better condition than the other two, and considerably more expensive.

    I'm very tempted to get the ones that are in better condition, but that would mean spending at least $600 more in total :wtf:. The sellers of the cheaper bags say that the bags are in very good condition, but I'm afraid that the imperfections would bug me :sad:.

    Would you spend more for a bag that's in near-perfect condition, or grit your teeth and hope that the bag that costs more will be in as good condition as the seller says it is?
  2. Agh! Tough call!

    Look at the bags you own right now. Look at all the imperfections. Do they bug you? Do they really bug you enough to spend $600 more on these bags which you can put towards part of another discontinued bag?

    On the other hand, if the other bags are in MINT NEW condition, then I think $600 might be's divided into two anyways right...LOL.
  3. Given that you are an admitted perfectionist, and that just by looking at the pictures you are already bugged, I say spend the extra. Chances are you would find more flaws than she is verbalizing in the auction and you would be bugged to the second power. We love you and don't want that.
  4. I'm not that much of a perfectionist when it comes to saving money on bags vs. imperfections. I just think about what I could buy with that $600 that I have saved, and let me tell you, ALOT!
  5. I usually go for something that's slightly cheaper but still in relatively good condition - I figure things are going to get that way anyways, might as well save some money while I'm at it ! :yes:

  6. I agree! I too am really anal on even brand new bags! I have to inspect it every inch and sometimes, I even look at several and pick the one that is right for me. :graucho: For peace of mind, spend the extra money, especially if it's a discontinued item :yes: . Good luck!
  7. the problem is, i rotate my bags so much that i don't use them enough to cause any imperfections except a patina :mad:! none of my bags are scratched or scuffed, because, like Irishgal pointed out, i'm a self-proclaimed perfectionist :P, and i try to keep my bags as clean as possible

    it is a tough call :wacko:
  8. I don't know, sounds like you know what you want to do..just spend the extra money. As we all know, it is the type of pain we forget very quickly, as soon as we see something else we have to have!!:heart:
  9. you're right about that :lol:!
  10. I think to get the most perfected bag as possible for an additional 600 is worth it. That is the reason I rather spend full price to buy a new bag at the boutiques and not a slightly used bags for a fraction of the price.
  11. I don't think you should buy the one in the not so great will always feel that way about it. Save the money for the right will come!
  12. Knowing how you are with your bags, I would say go for ones in better condition.:yes:
  13. i think imperfections are more evident in the delicate trapeze bag, so a better condition could be worth it.
  14. you guys know me too well :lol:!
  15. I must say go with the bags in better condition. There is no way you would be satisfied with one that is not!