Is it a sign?

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  1. I went to my husband's office today after a meeting and he had moved the furniture around...and with the new arrangement you can see the walls and they are MOUSSE colored! I think the mousse is stalking me. If I can sell the blanc pocket, I may have to order another pocket in mousse...what do you think?
  2. ahahaha, ET!!! You're incorrigible, lol! I thought u said the med pocket was too big still? I think you're just wanting the colour so so much. I remember how crazy you were about the jeans moyen colour, which I think is very pretty too!! But if you end up getting the med pocket mousse, would u love the shape and size enough to keep her?
  3. Oh, if they had the jeans moyen in the pocket I would be all over that! But the mousse is, of course, the next best thing. The pocket is much better on me than the regular Paddy, so if I am going to have a Paddington, this will have to be the one.
  4. Girl, that is definitly a sign!
  5. ooooh!!!! Your Chloe bag is HHHHAAUNTING YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

    hee!hee! LOL!
  6. The ghost of mousse paddy! hehe. ;)

    I would love to see a med. pocket in mousse. I'm a big bag kind of gal but when I though of a pocket paddy, I always think of the medium. Good luck finding it! :biggrin:
  7. Oh ET, hope you do end up getting this one and really loving it!! You know, I've been reading your posts and escapades with paddys, lol, and hope you'll be a proud owner of your perfect paddy:amuse: . This colour is nice but I agree that the jeans moyen was just gorgeous! If only they'd make the colour in other styles too. The gold hardware looked spectacular with the light blue:love: .
  8. It's a padditergeist! Get help from the nearest stockist. An offering of many $$ must be made to appease the spirits! :lol:
  9. I told you guys that the mousse was a paint color - see, my exterior house trim, your hubby's office walls, it is taking over - this gray-green paint :lol:
  10. ahahahaha!!! You guys crack me up!
  11. Did you see that LVR has the medium pocket is mousse?
  12. Shhhhhh....don't tell me! LOL!:lol: But yes, I did see that. Now I am considering keeping the blanc. Or getting a lobotomy.
  13. ^ Let us know what you decide...I would keep a bag...skip the lobotomy... :lol:
  14. Hysterical! Does that mean the blanc will be in the marketplace for sale soon? I'm really liking that!
  15. Greenie, it has been in the Marketplace for a few days.