Is it a purse? Is it a tote? Is it a....????

  1. I was just looking again for the perfect everyday bag. You'll have to let me know if I have been successful - help me decide!

    Do you use totes, such as the gallery totes, as purses? For every outfit, for grocery store, mall, out on the town; for just wallets, keys, cell, sunglasses and the like? Or do you think a purse that looks like a purse is better for everyday? I don't like to carry too much, but I like to be able to not jam everything into my bag and have space for random items (like Kleenex and maybe some Cheerios for the kiddos!) I admired this tote on someone (someone's grandma - what does that say!?!??) the other day and now that I have it, I am wondering if it is too "tote" like, and not very "purse" like.

    These are the two I am now considering - the gallery lunch tote and the med soho flap (sorry for the scale - I don't know how to fix the size. The soho is as wide as the tote is high IRL):

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Are totes more for work? Like to carry major stuff (planners, papers, etc.), or do you use them as purses? Is it too hard to reach so far down to get your wallet?

    Is the soho flap very annoying? Is it the magnetic closure, or the shape?

    Which closure do you like? The zipper that comes all undone to open the tote, or the magnetic closure?

    Thanks for your input!:smile: Wish I could decide by now!!!:hysteric:
  2. thats a tough one cause theyre both such pretty shapes! I love the flap, but it it kinda a pain to get into, and if i had a tote, i would use it as an everyday purse. It's also nice that it stands up on its own without having to lay it down, and I don't think it would be hard to reach things in it.
  3. i only use totes for work if i have books or something. i find the flap is a little hard to get into, still use it for work though, just not for shopping or errands, when i need my wallet a lot. my sis takes a tote but puts a demi or swingpack in it
  4. I'm carrying my large Carly right now, but any other time I carry a tote. I love totes because they are so versatile. They can be used for work or to carry all of the kiddos things around.

    I definitely say go for the tote!!:tup:
  5. I love that tote and have wanted one for a while. And I would use it as a purse. I have the soho small flap and for me it's too small for everyday. I usually use it when I go out to dinner or somewhere without the kids.
  6. I use the new Gallery Tote as my weekend all- purpose bag. I keep my wallet in the interior zip pocket, use a cosmetic bag for small items and have plenty of room in the middle for a fold-up changing pad with diapers and wipes for my daughter so I don't have to carry a diaper bag for regular errands. I usually only zip it when I am driving in case it falls off the seat.

    I use a large signature stripe tote for work which is perfevt for carrying lunch, a pair of shoes, some papers, etc. I keep a wrislet and a mini-skinny clipped inside.

    Having gone all-tote now, I don't think I would go back to a flap bag for an everday bag. It is too annoying to have to move it out of the way to get into the bag with one hand.
  7. I have a Signature Stripe Tote that I use as an everyday purse. I think it depends what fits your stuff more comfortably!
  8. I love totes but appreciate shoulder bags as well. I have the soho flap you pictured in camel and I have several totes. I do like the extra room of a large tote for work. On weekends, I take a lot of stuff out of my bag to lighten it up and may switch to a smaller bag. Right now I am carrying the carryall. Its roomy enough for me during the week but doesn't lose its shape when I take stuff out.
  9. It sounds like you need both bags.:tup: Get the soho flap and use it for quick trips and small outings. Carry it inside the larger tote so you'll have space for kid stuff, etc. It's the best of both worlds!

    I'm not helping, am I?:shrugs:
  10. i love my signature stripe totes. they are comfortable and functional and fit a lot or a little- it depends on you!
    Personally, i find flap bags a hassle to get in and out of, and i hate bags with those useless half zippers. i think carlys are good functional bags too.
  11. i own the medium soho flap from 2006 and I LOVE IT! i dont feel like it's too hard to get into...i've bought a few bags after that one but for someone reason i always gravitate towards that one because its just perfect!
  12. I have the soho flap and totes. I use both as everyday purses. I think the soho flap - especially in leathers is a classic bag. Totes are great too! I agree with TejasMama- BOTH!:yes:
  13. Oh my gosh - I think about this all the time. I just bought the new leather gallery tote (I couldn't love it any more that I do) and I also have the soho flap in black, lavendar and a deep pink. Today I met a friend for dinner after work and we did a little Coach show and tell, so I brought the tote with me. I love it so much that I felt that I had to carry it to show it off. It's big to be used as a regular bag. I carry it back and forth to work, but I don't think I'd use it on the weekends. To me, it's more business-like. I carry my planner, make up bag, wristlet, small change wallet, fold up umbrella, and I can still carry a file or two in it. For the weekend, I switch to a smaller bag that carries my keys, wallet and sunnies. The soho bags work great for that. I always joke that I am always in search of the perfect work bag, and the gallery tote is it - I've finally found it!
  14. if you don't carry alot, i would say get the soho flap, i have the large size of that and love it!
    I think everyone should own it, and i don't think it's hard to get into either....
    personally though i am a tote kind of girl, so i love them!
    i say it depends on what you would mostly use t for, why pay for wasted space kwim?

    on any given day i have a wallet, and a make up bag, phone , ds, mirror and tweezers, ipod, car keys and stuff, and at least a half a dozen other things... so i love totes cuz i can throw any and everything in them!
  15. You are too funny, TejasMama! I would like two bags, but not sure I can justify it - I'm a stay at home mom that rarely stays at home because of volunteering, meetings, and the like, but usually with kids in tow. And do I need two black bags?!?! I usually wear black and things that go black, but two black bags?!?! And I never switch bags, so something that is the ultimate bag is what I am looking everyone else, I guess!:smile: For all my commitments, I usually have a dedicated tote containing all I need for each specific thing (a ton of Target and Gap, etc. totes!) which I carry with my purse, and the ubiquitious diaper bag that I keep in the car. I take only my purse when shopping and dining and all purpose uses...

    I like the flexibility and slightly larger size of the tote, but is it "purse" enough to be chic and hip enough to be caught as a Coach sighting (see other thread :smile: !!! )???? Oh, yeah, it is almost twice the price of the medium soho flap - is it worth the bucks?