is it a new thing to not have a hologram sticker on the timless clutch?

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should I keep the clutch without the hologram sticker?

  1. yes, no big deal

  2. no way, exchange it for another

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  1. Ok, here goes, tonight as I took pics of my clutch, I noticed that it dosen't have the hologram sticker inside! cards authenticy card but no sticker! is this normal? should I exchange it for another? am I being too anal about this? thoughts /opinions welcome...
  2. There has to be a hologram sticker inside in order for it to be authentic, unless it has fallen out and got suck to the paper. Or somewhere hidden in the folded leather lining?
  3. Do another through search. I think it's probably in there, probably really well hidden... basically turn your clutch inside out and then some
  4. there must be a hologram sticker on it
  5. I looked in the clutch the pocket no sticker...ever between the tissue paper this is really odd I'm going to call my SA tomorrow...funny thing I just excahnged the clutch because the first one I got looked used?:shrugs:...
  6. I would double check... even my small Chanel card case has a hologram sticker. If it's really not there, probably exchange if it's going to bother you, OR you know there is a chance you might be re-selling in the future (as that could prove as a hindrance to potential buyers) Good luck!
  7. It should be there, even the smallest wallet/card holder have one:yes:
  8. ^ :yes:
  9. it shld comes with hologram sticker, u shld exchange and ask them to get u another one with the sticker~
  10. Yeah, what Janny said. My lil card case had a sticker too! Your bag really should have one.
  11. I would definitely exchange for another.

    All that money for the bag, all the accessories should be included.
  12. Weird that it didn't come with a hologram sticker. I would definitely exchange it for another which has the sticker (with a matching auth card). Good luck!
  13. When I looked for one in my timeless clutch, I also thought that it was missing. But after a closer search, I found it. Teeny tiny in the bottom corner. Are you sure that it is not hiding??
  14. I'm very sorry to hear you're having such bad luck with your clutch. Lets hope the third time's a charm :tup:
  15. There must be a hologram sticker. I hope you can exchange it.