Is it a myth???

  1. I've heard a little something in the wind about a Suhali Speedy, but it hasn't been mentioned again to my knowledge. Can anyone shed some light on this please?!?! :sweatdrop:
  2. I haven't heard anything more about it and there's no mention in the lookbook, but they sometimes bring out surprises
  3. I know the suhali lockit, of course, but I haven't heard of the speedy....but I wouldn't doubt it.
  4. i love the a suhali speedy
  5. I would love to see a suhali speedy come out.
  6. OMG I would buy one for sure.
  7. They might, it just depends. I think we'll know more at the end of summer.
  8. I would love love love a Suhali Speedy!
  9. I was the one who mentioned it first....I posted a thread with my newly purchased T&B mini pochette. The same day my SA mentioned Suhali Speedies coming out in black and white. I was like :nuts: "are you sure?" He said yes; he goes to LV workshops twice a year where new stuff and items-to-be released were discussed. His last trip was in April and this September he'll be going again.

    A month ago I went to LV again and talked to 2 different SA's about suhali speedies, but they had no clue. They said that it probably wouldn't be coming out as it wasn't in the lookbook.

    However, doesn't LV sometimes produce pieces that weren't published in the lookbook ahead of time? I sure hope so in this case!
  10. ^ Agree there are lots of pages in the lookbook that when you read the text it says things like surprise in Novemember for example on the denim bags it says there will be a surprise slg (small leather goods)and cb (city bag) at next showroom meeting so even if they aren't in the book it's still possible, Sa's didn't even know about miroir lockit until it's release
  11. ^Thanks Label SA is really dependable and he really knows his stuff. The day he mentioned the suhali speedies I was also telling him about the new colours for suhali lockits. He immediately mentioned the gold and silver, as well as alligator blue (I think, trying to rewind here) the latter which would cost around 14,000 Euros.

    He also knew about the miroir lockits in gold and silver at the time, and described them to me. I mean, this was in May! This is how I know how well he's been doing his homework, lol...
  12. It's nice to hear there are such informative SAs!

    I haven't heard anything about a Suhali Speedy either...
  13. Oooh I hope a Suhali speedy would be produced! It would be such a luxurious bag!
  14. I hope one comes out. I would take it over any other bag.
  15. i would love one! hopefully, it's true!