Is it a LARGE or OVERSIZE???

  1. Hi girls, could you help me to figure out which size Jessica Alba carries? I guess it is LARGE, right???:rolleyes:
    Jessica Alba & MUSE.jpg
  2. Looks like it, but can't be sure. I think there is a thread on this somewhere. It's been awhile since she's been photographed with this bag, I think. Maybe last spring?
  3. Thanks coachwife6, I found it in the celebrity thread but no one mentioned the exact size of it. It looks so elegant on her! :love:
  4. its oversized. I have the exact same bag. The handle is shorter.
  5. Thanks artziababe! Then she must be very tall, I guess.:rolleyes:
  6. I think it's the oversize.
  7. I think Jessica Alba's 5'7" and I'm not sure what size she is. But, I found that I can't really go by these H'wood starlets. For instance, when all those teeny H'wood chicks carry their Spy bags, the bags look HUGE. When I carry mine, it looks like a lunchbox.
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