Is it a Green Perfo or Mint Green Perfo?

  1. Hey everyone I was looking at the Green Perfo on elux and it looks nice I was considering buying one but I saw one on eBay and it looked mint green witch I didnt like Ive never seen one in person so can anyone help me?:smile:

  2. Just wonder if you could pass the link? I never heard about mint green perfo before. To rest assure, post the link on authenticate this louis vuitton board so you won't get fake :smile:
  3. Well I was not planning to buy it on eBay but just worried that the color on elux was not correct. I just want to make sure that when I order it from elux its the same color as on the screen. Thanks
  4. never seen it in real life but I'm pretty sure it's a deep green
  5. its green
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Its like a st. patricks day green...I like it. NOT MINT green...if the one on ebay is MINT steer clear!
  7. here is an actual photo of the green perfo cles.. hope this helps.

  8. Hey that does help becuase for some reason that looks minty to me. Thanks so much.
  9. if the one you're looking at is 400$ starting bid, seller has 0 feedback, STAY AWAY.... Its not something I'd take a chance with.. 0 feedback :tdown: and only just started the account june 23:tdown:
  10. No Im not going to buy it from ebay. I dont think I like that green too much so I dont think I will be buying the bag at all unless elux sells it in Pink or Red.
  11. i think pink is sold out. I wanted to buy one as well.
  12. Yes, I believe the pink is sold out. And the green is not a mint green at all, it is more of a bright green.
  13. Ya Its bright it does look like a deep green on elux too bad for me :sad:
  14. I have the wallet, and it's a really nice bold green color, similar to what you see on the LV site. It's very green, not minty, not light, not that deep. Just bold green.
    DSC02082.jpg DSC02083.jpg DSC02085.jpg
  15. It really is exactly the green colour you see on these pics.