Is it a good chance to buy a birken bag at Hermes Paris

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  1. When my friend visit Hermes Paris as a tourist a few months ago. She tried out a few ladies wear and ask one of the SA "do you have any Birkin bag now so that I would match with the clothes?" Then the SA brought her black, orange and brown 30cm birken and match. And eventually, she just bought these bags.

    Is it so easy to buy birken bag at Hermes Paris. Any one have experience to share on this. I'm planning to go to Hermes Paris one day and try the luck
  2. I wish that when it is my turn at the Paris H, I would have that many birkins to try out and to buy :drool:

    I spoke to my local SA, she said most of her customers said they got theirs when they travel and wherever whichever Hermes place they see, they will go birkin hunting.
  3. Sing Sing.. so many PFers were able to score birkins in Paris but once u reach Paris u have to visit the boutique every single day between 2-4pm in order to check if they have delivery.. They're not allowed to give you any information over the phone, u need to visit their boutique in order to check your chances :smile:

  4. pinksh love

    does the stock come in between 2-4pm? Is that why you recommended that time period? I am going in Jan so I want to get your advice.
  5. pinkish_love, Which paris boutique should I try?
  6. Yes, they get the delivery around 2:30 so the best timing would be around 3pm!! :yes:
  7. That would be their main store : 24, Faubourg Saint-Honoré
  8. Thank you for the great advice and congrats on your birkinS.
  9. Thanks so much for your advice. I saw the other thread that you got four birkins in your paris trip. Congratulations! They are so beautiful. What's your next target? Would you consider Croco or Lizard??
  10. cxyvr.. You're welcome.

    Sing Sing....I already have 30cm Rouge H crocodile and Blue Roi crocodile JPG birkin.. Its only a dream to find more crocodile birkins for sure.. the hunt will never stop :smile:

    I'm confident that u will get ur dream birkins in Paris.. goodluck :smile:
  11. Do you get better prices in Paris than here? Any other incentive other than larger selection?

    Many thanks!!
  12. ^^ I dont know about USA Hermes prices, but its known that Hermes bags in Paris are cheaper than anywhere else.. since they're made in France.. Maybe other members will be able to tell you more about the difference in price :smile:
  13. Good luck to you.
  14. Hi, I'm new to the forum, and on the hunt for a 35cm Birkin myself. It seems that most places have stopped the waiting lists. However, I have just spoken to the Paris Faubourg Saint store and the lady there said that they can take orders, but they have to be in person. If anyone is going to Paris I would appreciate it so much if they will put in the order from me.

    Also for those that are looking for Birkins. There is one Havann(not sure on spelling) colour one available with silver hardware 35cm. I have the number if anyone is interested.;)
  15. When I was in Paris last year I went into Hermes and was told there were no birkins but having read this threat I will wait until the afternoon so am planning a day trip to Paris in the next few weeks so will let you know how I get on. If anyone wants something specific and they have, I am happy to get it.