Is it a disease?

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  1. Hi, I am a Coach addict... with a lot of trouble deciding what color I like. So, I end up getting the same style with multiple colors. That pretty much translates to guilt and a closet just ready to burst like a time bomb.

    I need someone to talk me into senses... because I just spent a lot of money at the PCE. I bought the Hippie in Natural, Whiskey, Sig/Ebony, and Sig/white. I want to keep 2 of them, but am currently having the toughtest time deciding which 2 (or which 1). So hard to choose... it's like slicing off your least favorite finger.

    And I am heading to the store again because I really like that sig stripe tote in pale blue... Please help me ladies. (I am a single professional with no kids).
  2. Girl! If you are a single professional with no kids, I say keep all 3!! I'm recently divorced, 2 kids, and no money so I couldn't justify it :p However, if you *had* to choose, my choices would be the whiskey and the ebony sig. Good luck deciding!!
  3. I would keep all three of them.
  4. Whiskey and sig/white! Those are my votes!
  5. That's one of the greatest analogies I have ever heard! If you can afford the bags, don't feel guilty! The only reason I can justify my Coach obsession is because my husband and I are DINKS (Dual Income No Kids -- not dinks as in jerks, LOL). If we had kids I know that there is no way I'd be able to indulge like this. Enjoy it while you can and DON'T FEEL GUILTY!

    Oh, and by the way, keep what you like! If you like them all and will use them don't take anything back!! :yes:
  6. I have stuff in multiple colors. :yes:
  7. Keep 2 (I vote for hippie whiskey and sig/black)... you could always rationalize returning and buying something totally different !
  8. I'm a DINK too....whoops, actually I take that back, nevermind - forgot there for a minute that I don't have a job right now. I guess we are single income right now, only - his single income. :p

    Anyhow... I have guilt regardless of whether I am working and we are DINKs or not. :yes:

    My vote is for the 'whiskey OR natural', and the signature/white.

    That way you have some contrast between the ones that you keep...
  9. I would keep the whiskey and the khaki/white.....
  10. Keep all three!!!!!!!!
  11. Keep all three, if I were single w/ no little ones I would have NO guilt!

  12. There are 4. 3 would've made my decision a little easier... My choices are perhaps 2 out of Natural, Whiskey, Sig/Ebony and Sig/White.

    I am still waiting for the Sig/White to ship to me before I make the final cut... I will post pic some time next week so you can help me, yeah? Please...
  13. Thank you all so very much for the support. My guilt level is somewhat lessened after reading the replies and a night's sleep.

    By "talk me into senses", I was hoping someone would actually yell, scold or a little bit of both with a round of slapping until I go like ----> :idea:

    Sometimes I am just so glad that Coach only has PCE 4 times a year. I cannot even begin to imagine what's going to happen if they do this 2 times more often. LOL I might as well beg to be adopted by the Coach's CEO. Boy I can be a sweet child o' Coach's.
  14. ^Alright, here you go: :lecture:

    If you have no intention of keeping them all, keep one between the natural and whiskey leather bags and then keep another one between the ebony and white signature bags. Give yourself some time to look them over and really decide which ones will be most functional and are more your taste. There's no time limit on returns so there's no pressure to take them back quickly.

    Is that better? I hated to give you the "tough love" talk, but you insisted. ;):p ;) :p

  15. Wow, the true meaning of DINKS is just so overwhelming... They say you learn a new thing everyday. This has to be my new thing of the day to learn . LOL

    Thank you for your support (and appreciation of my humor, I am quite quirky in a lot of ways). Please stay tuned so you can help me decide when I get my Sig/White Hippie next week, yeah?