Is it a Denim Koala wallet?

  1. or just a flat pouch? I see the LV patterns be placed differently with the flat pouch.

  2. It looks like the Denim Flat Pouch to me.
  3. ^I agree that is the Demin Flat Pochette. The Demin wallet is not out yet and I think it had a wristlet strap. Also more detail. Really cute.
  4. They are coming out with denim wallets, I saw pics the other day
  5. a denim koala would be awesome though, wouldnt it?!
  6. i cant wait to see all of the denim wallets!
  7. I agree with you too.
  8. Nope doesnt look the same.. i think its a pochette wallet
    here is the flat pouch.

  9. yep...that's why I was wondering~
  10. As i said, I think its a pochette wallet.
  11. but then again,, what does the flap of the flat pouch really look like ?