Is it a defect???? What should I do???

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395336452.515715.jpg
    I just purchased it yesterday and just found this out today, should I return since it's the last one at the store???
  2. It looks like a crack. I would definitely exchange it. If it's the last one tell the SA to call you when a new comes in. It would bother me. Good luck!
  3. Exchange, that doesn't look good.
  4. It's the last one at the store cuz when I purchased it, I asked if there was another one, the SA said this is the last one
  5. Definitely return it. Doesn't really matter if it's the last one in the store.. wait for another or order online etc.
  6. Now I think the SA will hate me lol
  7. Your SA will completely understand. That isn't right for the leather to be cracking already. Since it was the last one in the store she can likely send it out for repair, you will just have to wait a few weeks.
  8. They won't hate you. You're not being too picky, it's damaged. You should call your SA and let them know asap.
  9. It will be 3 days in a row at LV store lol I feel like I wanna return it cuz I don't wanna wait
  10. That's cracked leather. Definitely return it.
  11. Return

  12. Return it!!

    Is that the tadao? I'm carrying the tadao today! :smile:

    I like it but I got mine pre loved and it has tears in the leather piping on the bottom
  13. Yes tadao good guess lol
  14. Keep it then? You know you should exchange or return, it's absolutely unacceptable. But if you don't want to go back to the store again, it looks like you're keeping it lol
  15. I'm on the way to the store rite now!