Is it a crime?

  1. Would it be a crime if I got the Hamptons Weekend Tote in White and painted on it? It's such a blank canvas!!! Would coach hate me?
  2. It's your bag. You can do what you want with it. :yes:
  3. If you do post pics b/c I would love to see what you do with it! :graucho:
  4. what would you paint on it?

    i'd almost say i'd want one if i really liked the bag.

    i'm definately thinking of buying a white leather coach bag but i want something delish and white is kinda boring for me.

    PLEASE post pix if you paint on a bag. i'd have mixed emotions about doing it, and in my opinion i'd be buying 2 of the same bag so i had one that i didn't paint and one that i did, so if i regret doing the painting afterwards i can quickly frolic to the closet and grab the blank one, and give the painted one away as a gift ;) lol don't forget the RAOK!
  5. I would want to see pictures too!!!
  6. i think it could be fun so long as you know what you're doing!
  7. you go girl! :happydance:
    Share pics if you do it!
  8. lol I think I am going to try to find a less permanent way of customizing it... I work at a company that works with different materials and fabric, so maybe I would try sticking something on it that would come off? I wonder if it would stay on... I think i'm going to go to the store and try it lol
  9. i've seen ppl painting dogs faces on ppls handbags, and you can order whatever breed of dog and they paint it quite nicely on the bag... but i think the dogs are SO effing tacky!

    what would you be painting on it? i'd love to see something!
  10. I don't know maybe something on the bottom right corner like a pattern or a flower or something in a black silhouette probably... plain but to kick it up a notch. I love the bag but I wanted to get the watercolor tote because it is more interesting, but it is too small. I wish they made it in the medium size
  11. Is that your selfportrait that appears with your post? If so, you CAN paint! But you must display it! :yes:
  12. omg what an awesome idea!!! haha it would be cool to embroider something! :smile:
  13. do post pics of what you do and as long as you know what you are doing i think its a great idea!
  14. Oh that's not my portrait.... That's Jennifer Hudson from Dreamgirls! I just drew it :smile: Embroidery is a good idea too!
  15. That would be so cool to see.
    Please post pics if you do it!