Is it a "crime" to carry designer/expensive goods

  1. I certainly think it is a "crime" to carry designer/expensive goods.Especially when in front of friends and relatives.

    In front of relatives I do not dare to flash my LV(I borrow from my mum) because I fear that they will ask me questions like WHY DO YOU CARRY SUCH EXPENSIVE GOODS?

    Is it wrong to carry something expensive although you have no income?I know it's definately not a crime but to me it seems like a crime:shrugs:

    I am only 16,but I am considering on getting my first LV but delayed it so long because of this problem.I also own a Rolex watch which was passed down to me,I don't dare to wear it in front of my relatives/friends.

    I would like to hear all your opinions thanks!
  2. If you can afford it and don't go into debt there is nothing wrong with it.
  3. I can afford it,and I won't go into debt because of it. But the thing is the way people look at you when you carry a designer bag and the person knows you. I really dun like it,but I do not want it to obstruct my intrest.
  4. People should mind there own biz.
    You collect and wear these items.
    Other people are spending money on figurines, and shoes, and cd's, antiques, and stuffed animals, expensive sheets, etc. Your "crime" is that it is a carry-item.

    Sometimes I giggle knowing that I spent $2900 on the LV Boite Flacons in Azur and I use it in the home as a keepsake container on my dresser.

    Enjoy your bag! In good health!
  5. True...some people spend more money than me,but we just can't see it,well they cant see it too sometimes.

    Maybe if a person spends $1000 collecting comics and he has a whole load of comics,no one knows exactly how much he spends. But if I spend $1000 on a bag,everyone will know how much I spent
  6. I don't think it's wrong, everyone has hobbies and thing's they spend their money on, but it is your own personal choice as long as you are not putting yourself into debt over it I see no harm & at the end of the day if it's needed LV has a resale value so in my eyes it's a good investment
  7. Yeah true...just like a Rolex watch it has a resale value that is pretty stable and doesn't drop easily.
  8. rolexian - don't think it has to have good resale value or investment potential. Please buy what you like, and what you will love.
    I have some gorgeous pieces of jewlery - Chopard, Oscar Heyman, Cartier, Baume&Mercier.
    I would never get rid of them, I just wear and love'em, and say thank you when I get compliments.


    ps: the real crime is the conterfeit industry for LVs Rolex etc etc
  9. I don't think its a crime, as long as you can afford it, you should be able to enjoy it.
  10. IF you've worked hard and earned these items with your own money or that of your loving supportive partner. Than why should you be hesitant to wear what you've earned with the sweat of your brow and hard work. just imho
  11. I don't think this is a crime. Crime is the wrong word.

    If you have nice things then you shouldn't be afraid to use them. I don't mean you have to flaunt them, but use them. If your lucky enough to own a beautiful item then there is nothing wrong with you giving it some "wear power"! LOL!

    As for people, I find that unless they are very familiar with LV they don't really know how much stuff costs. And, the ones who do will appreciate such a fine quality item. If they don't then that's not YOUR problem.
  12. I'm a little say you're only 16 and that you don't have a job, so how could you afford a LV bag? If you're spending your savings, then I think it is a "crime," because you should really save the hundreds of dollars you would spend on a bag and put it towards something more important, like college.
  13. Do what makes YOU happy and forgo what others think, after all it is YOUR money, not theirs...
  14. I don't understand. If you weren't to use your belongings in front of friends/relatives, you'd spend more time hiding your stuff rather than enjoying it. And if you love Louis Vuitton and Rolex, and a Rolex was actually passed down (from family I'd assume), how can you say it's a crime, and why would you want to hide it from the person who gave it to you?
  15. Why should you have to hold back what you desire because of what everyone else thinks? Its simply none of their business what you spend your money on regardless of your age.