Is it a BV? If so which one?

  1. One of my good friends just returned from a trip to Poland with her parents. I was looking at her pics and her *awesome* mom is, I think, carrying a Bottega Veneta, possibly a Sloane, but I wasn't sure. Anyone know?

    Also her mom loves shopping at places like Barneys and would never carry a fake, so whatever it is, it's real.
  2. The handle attachments sure look like a Sloane to me. How cool to have a Mom that carries BV. (My sons could care less what bag I wear)
  3. I thought Sloane too, and looks like she really broke it in too.

    I can't imagine bringing my BV with me on a trip to Europe (I leave my expensive stuff at home when I travel almost anywhere), but she's a pretty classy lady and likes to travel in style, heheh.
  4. Hmmh, at first I`d have said Sloane, too, but the rings are smaller than on a Sloane and look like metal while the Sloane has leather-covered rings. Plus, there`s a stitching down the side which a Sloane does not have.

    Maybe it`s from another designer, Cole-Haan does some woven leather bags as well (though not as beautifully as BV!) or maybe it`s vintage...
  5. Its not a Sloane. The Sloane is seamless. The rings look like it has bv detail as well as the strap. It looks like a BV. Possilbly an older style.
  6. the ring is different with the one on sloane bag..
  7. It is definitely not a Sloane. The Sloane has a much wider handle and the ring is larger. As stated by bagsforme, it is also seamless.
  8. beautiful picture and beautiful bag.