Is it a Boy or a Girl?

  1. Hi. Not sure if this has already been discussed... I searched, but did not find it, so .......................

    Is your Louis a boy or a girl? I have seen bags referred to as HER/or SHE. But, I find myself calling mine a HIM. I have a Damier 25, maybe that's why I think he's a boy. I :heart: him so much. I do find myself trying to "girly" him up though with a cute purse charm. Oh, well, just wondering if I am the only one that treats my bag like a child. Am I crazy? :shrugs:
  2. Mainly female, except Stephen :love:
  3. Oh, good, at least I am not the only one. Thanks. :biggrin:
  4. Mine tends to be she as well..
  5. Mine I refer to as boys. That's so funny that you brought that up, I call my speedy "Louis" and I was driving my mom around yesterday. I want a darker patina, so I kept telling her to "turn Louis evenly around in the sun" as we were driving! Then she said, "Why do you think this bag is a boy?" LOL. Wow at least I don't feel so stupid now... it's normal! Hurray!
  6. Not the only one- but mine are all girls
  7. no problem! It also took me some time to 'correct' myself from calling the name of the bag(Speedy, Cles, Pap, etc) to just 'that purse, this bag' when I talk to 'normal' people....pp who is not in LV think it's show off calling it's actual name, but it's very hard not to when you know it's more than a purse!
  8. Classic - Yes, that is so true. They don't understand.. It's not showing off.. it's just His/Her name . :p
  9. Haha! Funny question! Most of my bags I refer to as boys... uhh UNLESS I dress them up!

    Like my Baggy PM (Mr. Baggy) w/ Jack and Lucie would be a boy but w/ the MC Pastilles.. a girl!!

    My Mini Lin Speedy is Ms. Lin!

    haha! I feel so stupid!
  10. i just call my bags it "it" :s
  11. That's too funny. He just needed a little tan.
    My mom thinks I am crazy. I was sitting with my Louis on my lap and she's says.. What is that, your Baby?

  12. LOL never thought of my bags as having gender!
  13. I say 'her' as in, I took her out for a spin today or, I wore her today. My friend was the one who got me into it, she'll say, 'her' and 'she', but I've only referred to 'it' as 'her'. I used to when I wore other designers name my bag, I'd give them names, but I haven't done that with my LV's bec. they come with such awesome style names already. But maybe I'll come up with some names, I'll have to look at my bags and find the fitting female name for each one! I know a way long time ago I had a red prada bowler that I named Lola and I had a denim fendi baguette that I named Danielle and a striped Fendi that I called Stripey. Those are the only ones I've named in the past.
  14. It's my "bag". I don't use her or him in regards to (any of) my bags. I just think it sounds silly. If I need to definte the bag Im talking about, it's "my Speedy" or "my Muse", etc... never "her/him".
  15. I call mine a she.