Is it a bit cheesey...

  1. to wear Chloe if your given name happens to be Chloe?

    I've always avoided Chloe and never liked being given it as a gift but recently I acquired an Edith and I'm rather enamoured of her and I've also taken a liking to the Bays and Bettys.
  2. Oh, don't worry, it's a lovely name, wear it with pride, and also wear the Chloé bags with pride, they're too lovely to miss because of that! Of course you might have to endure remarks and jokes, but then you can always tell them, "yes, it's a lovely name and a lovely brand, great match, isn't it!" I would'nt mind and I hope you won't either!:heart:
  3. No. Don't worry about what people think. If you like something then you wear it. I don't know what kind of people it would be that even make a comment about Chloe with Chloe except highschool students. But if someone does then just raise an eyebrow and say "wouldn't you want one?".
  4. I'm sure there are heaps of Chloes who wear/carry Chloes! It's not like your name is Bvlgari and you're facing the same dilemma (sorry, I tried to find an usual name LOL)... Don't worry about it - it's a non-issue!
  5. of course not, I think you should def. go ahead and wear it. It's not like the bags have chloe spelled out all over them in huge letters anyway!
  6. Am I the only one who thinks it would be cute to have a Chloe if ur name was Chloe? He he, maybe.

    I think you should wear whatever you like, never mind what others might say (although I doubt anyone would say anything.) Chloe is too fabulous to avoid cuz of its name!
  7. You'll probably get a few jokes (one of my closest friends is called Lee and she wears Lee jeans - usually tells people who joke it's so she can remember her name when she's drunk)... I'd get as many as you like anyway!
  8. I :heart: the name Chloe SO much! I wanted it for my DD but DH isn't a fan of Chloe Sevigny (I hope that isn't you, :nuts:) But I would wear my Chloe with pride, Chloe!!!

    Honestly though, it's no big deal, I wouldn't give it a second thought.
  9. I think it's adorable if your name is Chloe and you carry Chloe =) & the Edith is a lovely bag!
  10. You're joking right??????? That would NEVER stop me!!
  11. I HATE that my name's commercial use is the cheesiest fake jewlery around [SIZE=-1] :throwup:

    You should be happy your name is representing something beautiful.
  12. it wouldn't bother me, a bit
  13. That is funny... I have actually thought about buying a purse just because it did have my name! Maybe I'm a little cheesy though.:cutesy:
    I definitely wouldn't not buy one because it had my name... I'd be more likely to get one! And Chloe is such a beautiful name... I say wear it with pride...

    A Chloe girl that is really Chloe... :biggrin:

    Yes, it's late and I must be cheeezzzy!:upsidedown: So just be cheesy, who cares what anyone else thinks!
  14. LOL I personally think it's SO cute!!!