Is it a big deal to have a Chanel w/ gold hardware?

  1. I am a heavy silver and white gold lover. I only wear yellow gold jewelry on seldom occasions.

    But I am falling in love w/ the grand shopper tote with gold hardware.

    Is it really bad to have this bag and sport my silver or white gold jewelry? Does anyone even care or notice?

    I don't think it would bother me but reading some folks talk about it makes me think?
    IMO the gold hardware is classic Chanel. Its what makes me really love the bag.

    I have several Louis Vuitton bags w/ gold hardware and it does not bother me one bit.

    What do you guys think??

    Should I post a pic of the bag? I will have to steal Swanky's pics b-cuz I have not bought it yet. :shame:
  2. HI! It is really funny that you have this question, since I have had the same one. But I decided what is the big deal if i wear my white gold, and some of my handbags have yellow gold colored links etc. My LV's have yellow gold in them as well. I am a white gold girl but have no problem wearing a handbag that has yellow gold in it. Sometimes I match and sometimes not :queen: Wear what you love. Hope that helps.:supacool:
  3. Mixing and matching is fine! I wear silver and white gold a lot and all my LVs have gold hardware.
    Sometimes my mom carries my navy Chanel tote that has silver hardware that's pictured below, and she's almost strictly a gold person. I think it looks nice to mix it up a bit so it's not ALL one's a bit boring IMO.
  4. nah, no one will notice but you!
  5. I have the grand shopping tote in black with the gold hardware. I love it, I wouldn't want it any other way. It's so classy and I think it goes with any jewelry.
  6. I actually just got my first Chanel and it has gold hardware, and I LOVE it! I wear both silver and gold, and I think it just looks classic with the gold hardware. I don't mind the mixing and matching part...
  7. I also only wear silver jewlery but I bought a medallion tote with gold hardware. I also think that gold is so classic with chanel and love how it makes the black pop!

    Also, I think the only person that would notice would be you. So I say go for the one you love the most;)
  8. I don't think mixing the gold hardware of the purse and your jewelry are a big deal..go for it!
  9. My brand new black jumbo flap caviar has gold hardware - I love it! I just think it's a little more classic than the silver. As far as matching your jewelry, no one will notice if it doesn't match. Get the one you love!
  10. You know, I always have worn sterling silver/white gold/platinum jewelry, and for many years, I refused to look at/buy bags with yellow gold hardware. I was compulsive about it.

    Then I got over that, about six months ago, and it was the best thing I ever did! So liberating!!! I've got several bags now with gold hardware, and I love them. (I've also purchased a couple of pieces of sterling silver/18k yellow gold "two tone" jewelry--David Yurman--which makes me feel a bit more "pulled together" with my new bags).

    After several years of silver hardware on bags being very popular, it seems to me that yellow gold hardware is really coming back in this fall. Also, has anyone else noticed that some of the big designers are now putting what they call "light gold" hardware on their bags??? It's hard to tell whether its silver or gold, depending on the light. A Gucci SA told me last week that they're going with "light gold" hardware on some of their bags in response to demands from customers who are obsessed about matching their jewelry!!!
  11. Nah, it's not a big deal at all. I have both yellow and gold jewelry and I wear them both at the same time. It helps that my rolex watch both has the two-tone gold and stainless steel. I think we are our own worst critic. We should not be so hard on ourselves:yes:
  12. Thanks. I agree w/ everyone. :yes:

    I won't let it bother me. I'll just buy what I like. ;)
  13. Its fine to mix. Im not about to be matching my hardware on my bag with my jewelry. Though its always ideal if it does work out that way.
  14. yeah i have mostly white gold and TCO silver but most of my bags have gold hardware, and im fine with it...
  15. Its totally fine to mix! ;) hehe