Is it a bad time to sell.............????

  1. Is it a bad time to sell on eBay, a Chestnut/Mahogany handbag ?

    Would it be better to wait for end of summer/fall ?

  2. I would wait. The bag might do very well nobody knows. But if you think it's not summery I would give it the best opportunity possible and wait until back to school /fall. I sold a red bag with dark leather trim about a month ago and I wished I had waited for fall.
  3. Thanks!

    The reason why I asked is because I tried selling it and I had 5 watchers, no bids and it ended with no bids. LOL
    I also saw a few others just like it (same style). And the dark colored ones werent going at all. Or going very very low.

    It reallly isnt very summery (due to the dark brown color), so I guess I will wait until late summer/early fall!