Is it a 2.55 or classic flap?

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  1. I received a Pre-Fall handbag picture from my SA today, I am not sure if this is a 2.55 with classic chain or it is a classic flap with mademoiselle closure? Will u consider this bag?

  2. It looks like the classic lambskin with mademoiselle lock and interwoven chain. I'm pretty sure ALL reissues, including the 2007 pre-fall ones, have the new chain.
  3. Can we say all 2.55 reissues must have new chain, not the interwoven chain?

    Is the new classic flap with mademoiselle lock now? I saw another picture with new chain also, but different from 2.55 chain though... make me confused with all the new styles!
  4. another version of the classic with Mademoiselle closure. Chanel is changing it up quite a bit lately.
  5. I'm afraid we are always confusing ourselves with terms like "2.55" "classic flap bag" and "reissue".

    Many of the Chanel associates refer to the "timeless classic flap bag" also as the "2.55". So I try not to use 2.55 to describe any of the flap bags because it is just too confusing. It's either a "timeless classic flap" with a variation on the chain or closure, or it's a "reissue" and is so because it is identical in closure and chain and design to the original 2.55 that Coco released in February 1955.

    The bag you have pictured above is the "timeless classic flap bag" with mademoiselle closure.
  6. omg i love your bag, this is theee bag i was looking for!! but then i got the classic flap with the cc clasp.
    when and where did you get it? it is gorgeous
    did it come in any other colours?
  7. I did not buy this classic flap with mademoiselle closure, only my SA sent me the picture of what is the new items at his store now. I think u can find this bag in many of the stores now. Try to check out Saks!

  8. Sorry to go off-topic, but what is that gorgeous bag in your avatar chanelfans??? :love: :love:
  9. ^^ that's a gorgeous CROC reissue in the 226 that Chanel launched I think in F/W 2005 it runs about $15,000-$20,000... major hottie bag! it's on my list of bags I'll never get...
  10. It should be the classic. When I called Chanel in Paris about this bag, they said it only came in classic and not the 2.55.
  11. I just copied from somewhere, of course i didn't own this bag.:P it should be CROC reissue, there will be CROC reissue in different colors for this FALL, u can check out from your SA. :tup: