Is is possible to stretch your shoes?

  1. I have a beautiful pair of stiletto pumps from Versace. I bought them last year and I found them again just now. But they are half a size too small for comfort. It's just that my weight shifts all the pressure to my toes, which press against the shoe. Is there a way to go to a shoemaker/repair man to "open" or give room to the shoe? Or shall I painfully break them in? Or just amputate my pinky toe? :biggrin:
  2. Oh yeah, most cobblers can stretch shoes. A half size though? Maybe, it depends. But stretching trouble spots they can totally do.
  3. yeah, try it out. It costs like $4 at a place near my house, sometimes free. I personally bought a professional shoe stretcher online to stretch all my shoes before i wear them. It cuts down on the break in time and pain.

    A half a size is a lot but it's worth a try.
  4. thanks! im gonna look for the professional shoe stretcher! it's just the toe area.. everything else is great!
  5. sometimes you if you walk around your house for awhile w/ thick heavy socks in the shoes it helps a ton.
  6. Take it to a professional to have streched! I have seen lots of disasters when people try to strech shoes at home! But yes, it can definitely be done!
  7. Yes, they can stretch your shoes. I've also had calves stretched on my boots... THE CRAZY THINGS WE DO FOR SHOES :worried:
  8. Stretch them and for the pressure check these out:

    I haven't tried them but am both intrigued and skeptical.
  9. My friend told me this trick of stretching shoes, she says that it's what she does and it works! All you have to do is to fill up a plastic bag with water, and fit it into the shoes (so that it fits just right). And then stick it into the freezer, this way the shoe would stretch evenly. Oh and if it's leather you should rub some alcohol on it so it doesn't dry out the leather. I hope that helps!
  10. Do you remember where you bought them? I know that Nordstrom and NM will gladly stretch them for you if you bought the shoes from them. NM did it for my Tod's and an SA at Nordstrom told me that they do the same too. For free!
  11. Absolutely! Over here they sell a spray (several different brands actually) that you can use to spray inside your shoe to soften the leather and then you put your foot in and it will stretch the leather without pulling the seam or staining the shoe. I've used it a couple of times on shoes and boots and it fades away to invisible. It's a shoelover's best friend when you are sooo close, sometimes even two or three times... !!:lol:

    The one brand I've used is "Walk-A-Way," made by marla (, if that helps any, although it's all in Dutch..

    I also used to use the water/bag/freezer trick and that can work too, but it takes longer!
  12. omg thanks for all the tips!!!! I might try the water bag trick. It sounds cool! Thanks!!!#^!DR!!! And I ordered the Insolia wheee!
  13. :smile: Let me know how they work May
  14. Keep us posted - i'm curious about the water bag thing
  15. Mink Oil works as well. I've used it on a pair of leather boots.