Is iPhone Worth it?

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Jan 14, 2007
what's the point of this thread?

what's the point of the video? instead of the guy in the video wasting time making a video complaining about the problem, how about going to the apple store or att store to get it fixed.


Aug 20, 2008
The one thing that turned me off about the iPhone is that the batteries are not removable. I would hate to go to the Apple store and shell out hundreds of dollars just to get it fixed every time. It's annoying. Also, you need to have a separate cellphone plan from your family (like say, your family wants to get the "Family Plan" consisting of free, but ordinary looking cellphones. But you want a iPhone. Unfortunately the plan cannot be combined with the Family plan. Instead, you are required to have a separate plan for the iPhone. Which is just ridiculous).

The plus side, I love the touch screen and the iPod feature. But the Google maps are worthless. If it had Turn-By-Turn directions it'll be even better.

So no, I don't think it's worth it. I also feel sorry for those who have big fingers. Makes using the iPhone pretty useless.
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