Is Indigo Vernis discontinued?

  1. How hard is it to get now? I haven't seen anything on eluxury lately and I really want something in indigo. Thanks.
  2. I think that it is gone :sad:
  3. Try to have 866-vuitton locate one for you
  4. the LV store in boca Raton florida has a few pieces still in indigo..
    good luck!
  5. It's officially been discontinued but you can still find a few pieces if you check with your local SA or 866 Vuitton. A few weeks ago my SA pulled out a couple of Bronze and Red pieces to show me that were hiding in the store...
  6. yup unfortunately
  7. Yep, good advice :smile:
  8. Good luck....It is a lovely color.
  9. Couldn't resist!
    Cropped Bedford.jpg
  10. My store (Fashion Valley) definitely has some pieces. I remember seeing a couple of wallets and a bag but I'm not sure which, now. Maybe a Stillwood? I do know my store has some though.
  11. :sad: so long far well..another piece i'll have to buy from let-trade some day long in the future