Is "I'm not a plastic bag" being faked?

  1. I'm thinking of ordering one on eBay, but does anyone know if it's being faked yet? I don't want to end up with a fake. :yucky:
  2. They are releasing 20,000 more in April and will be releasing limited ed. colors this summer.

    DO NOT BUY ON eBay!!!

    I am so :cursing::cursing::cursing: at the greedy Ebayers who are making a profit off of such a good
    cause. I much rather pay the organization $200 than an Ebayer $100 for this bag.
  3. Thanks for the tip! I really want to get one too. Do you know when in April they will be releasing them?
  4. 25th of April in selected Sainsbury locations :yes:

    check out the AH webpage, it tells you all the details
  5. Yeah, don't buy off of ebay. Hold out a bit longer. Do you really want to pay that much for it, knowing how much the seller bought it for? And knowing that you'll most likely be able to order later this spring for a MUCH cheaper price?

    I want one, too, but there's no way I'm going to buy one off of ebay. I'll wait, and hope I get a hold of one later on.

  6. ITA! :yes:

    I have a tip for you, make sure to sign up for the We Are What We Do mailing list, for the first round of bags they sent out "secret" links where you could order them .... I'm currently waiting for mine to arrive