Is Honesty Still the Best Policy?

  1. Or isn't it?

    Am I the only member who is reminded of puppets after scrolling through four pages of the same one-word comment to a bag ("Awesome!" "Awesome!" "Awesome!")? I'd like to think that we're all very different people with very different views and though we've all been drawn together by our mutual love of LV, we don't ALL think the same piece is "Awesome!", do we? Doesn't at least ONE person want to say "Wow, congratulations on making the world's ugliest LV look ...well, still ugly"?

    Am I the only person who views photos of members with their latest $1K bag on their shoulders standing in the middle of a room that looks like a tornado hit it and wonders, "Ummm...let me find out that some of the FEMA recipients we all criticized for shopping first and tending to their households second are now posting on PF..."

    Am I the only person who doesn't think dressing like Victoria Beckham at age 40 is cute (i.e., skimpy revealing clothing), no matter how much the bag you're carrying retails?

    There's a rumor running rampant that blatant disagreement with a longstanding PF member or moderator could result in one being banned from the board - and refused membership at similar sites.

    Is that the reason that when someone voices an independent thought or dislike that their posts are avoided like the plague - or other members continue conversations around them as though they never commented at all?

    Consider me testing the "blacklist" theory. :angel:
  2. I'm 43, and I definitely don't wear skimpy clothing!

    As far as all the positive comments, I don't see anything wrong with expressing joy for someone's new purchase, even if it's not your style. The person that bought it loves it, obviously, so that's all that really matters.
  3. I can only hope that if you don't like something I (and I speak for myself ONLY) post, you either:
    A. won't comment at all
    B. if you do decide to comment, tell me the truth.
    I would appreciate your honesty and it doesn't bother me AT ALL if you or some one else says they don't like something I bought. THANK GOD we all have different taste in things!:biggrin:
  4. I think we are all allowed our own opinion and I think you voiced yours respectfully.
  5. Was Victoria Bekcham comment directed @ me?:lol: If so, I am only 32.:lol: :lol:
  6. this thread is awesome..LOL

    1- If I see a thread with a bag that TO me is ugly I JUST DON'T POST THERE..Why tell the person it is ugly and hurt there feelings??? KWIM..I rather skip that thread..

    2-I do see pictures of Rooms that look like tornado's have hit it and in the picture are these 1,000 plus dollar bags...But who am I to tell someone how to spent there money...
    I do know what you are trying to say thou...

    3-age 40 or 50 to me if you got the bod and your face looks good (no wrinkles etc) SHOW IT OFF..thats my thought on this one...

    4-EVERYBOARD there is a MOD / MODS that ban..some LOVE banning some Don't...You can't fight that..that is just the way it is....(it sucks sometimes but there is nothing you can are a guest in there / house so you go by there rules KWIM)

    5- ARE WE pmsing???? LOL

    all kidding aside this was a interesting thread ;-0
  7. :shocked: Uh oh...:lol:

    Personally, I just look at it like this...

    For the most part, people on this message board are pretty nice to one another. I'm on my best behavior here because I want to be able to come back. :shame: :biggrin: This message board reminds me of one of those small towns where people leave their doors unlocked, bikes unchained and they return twenty dollar bills when they find them. I've decided that I need that in my life.:roflmfao: That is why I do not rock the boat here. Do I like all of the bags I see? No. Is it worth hurting someone's feelings? Hell no. I get a lot of pleasure seeing other people enjoy their bags, whether I like the bags or not.

    I'd rather save my biting remarks for the celebrity section. :lol:
  8. I haven't seen any look that I don't like here yet.:love: :love: :love: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I love most of the LV bags shown here but dislike a few.
  9. honestly if I see a bag I dont like I just dont post a comment-not out of fear of being banned or blacklisted by Megs Vlad and the mods but out of respect for the owner. At almost 45 I wouldn't dress like VB even if I had the body and the $$$. As far as some of the long standing members; well, I have felt "ignored" when posting comments but that could be the newbie thing, who knows and frankly, who cares. This is by far the best community on the web.
  10. We all have our opinions. I voice mine respectfully and I make sure I insert a few smileys :biggrin:
  11. Perfectly thoughts exactly...:yes:
  12. I only comment on the bags that I truly love. It serves no purpose to tell someone they bought an ugly bag. Maybe if they are asking for feedback BEFORE making a purchase - but after it's a done deal, there is no reason to say something that might be hurtful. Plenty of other people will like the bag and comment accordingly.

    As for the background in some pics - one pic doesn't always capture the true situation. Don't be so quick to judge.

    NOW, with all of that said, I must admit that I get a little freaked out when people talk about sneaking purses into the house and hiding them from spouses - or how a certain purchase broke the bank. I couldn't live like that, but others do, apparently.
  13. IMO If someone's excited about their new bag I am excited for them. I'd never want to hurt their feelings or diminish their happiness by saying it was ugly. If someone was asking for opinions on whether or not they should get something I'd tell them what I thought.

    As for the way people dress/how they keep their house I don't really notice 'cause I'm zeroing in on the bag they are posting. :lol:

    I enjoy this forum and it has become a huge part of my day because it is a place where people are kind, thoughtful, and just all around wonderful. :biggrin: I cherish the friends I have made here. :flowers:
  14. it depends!

    I guess since there are over 8,800 members here, it's likely that 30 of them all agree that one bag is really "awesome" and the other 8k of us are respectful enough to go on to the next thread since we think the bag is fugly. I think that in my mind a lot truthfully!
    Or some will post "great for you! But not for me personally!"

    nah, not me. Some of my favorite and most successful friends live in pig sties! LOL! I do wonder how my friend{s} can live in a mess, but since it doesn't affect me directly, I don't really care much or give it another thought.

    I'm 31 and DO NOT ever wear skimpy clothing, but mostly because it's not me.
    I don't care what others wear, no matter their age, as long as they can 'rock it'! I don't think revealing clothing = 'cheap' clothing though - so teh correlation between the revealing clothes and handbag confuses me a bit.:shame:

    Hmmm, that's an unfortunate rumor/lie.
    There's people that clearly don't like me and any other Mod/Admin and still post happily away and are participating in the new MarketPlaza.
    The only people I've ever personally banned were spammers.

    No idea, I haven't noticed that. But I'm the first to admit that I don't read even half of the threads posted here. If the title doesn't peek my interest I usually move on, so it's possible others do that too{?}

    I hope you get some answers!
  15. NOW, with all of that said, I must admit that I get a little freaked out when people talk about sneaking purses into the house and hiding them from spouses - or how a certain purchase broke the bank. I couldn't live like that, but others do, apparently.

    I couldn't marry anyone or be with anyone that I would have to sneak my purchases in the house. It's my money and I'll spend how I please as long as my other financial obligations are taken care of.