is HOBO INTERNATIONAL designer or a brand?

  1. answers please =) is it: designer? brand? popular? good quality?
  2. It's a brand--I don't know where they get their designs. A couple years ago I bought one and it was very nice quality for the price. It was very simple, not many details, but well made and took a lot of use.
  3. It is a very good quality brand.
  4. Brand. I have one bag and love it. Bought it for travel but have been using it since I got back. Good stuff and not too much money.
  5. Brand. I bought a clutch that is so cute from them! I think they have some great designs for really reasonable prices. My clutch doesn't get loads of use, but it seems to be really well made.
  6. good quality brand.. leather bags...

    My friend words there, they're based out of Maryland.
  7. I got a Hobo at a thrift store today. I't very well made, beautiful leather.

  8. They are very good quality and they commonly have very clean, simple lines. I have a clutch from them which I like very much.
  9. I got one on eBay, NWT, for 40 bucks and it's a great hobo bag. Fabulous leather and lovely construction. I'm really pleased with it.
  10. Hobo brands bags are great value of your money. They usually offer many colors of each style alot of attention is paid to organization details, pockets, etc. I have two clutches. They are great for travel.
  11. Not the most cutting-edge designs, but good quality for the $.
  12. I have two small purses/clutches and i really love them! i think its very good quality and theyre classy.
  13. It's a brand. Pretty good for the price, but nothing revolutionary. Good for a basic first bag.