Is his moving on driving her nuts ?

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    Jessica Simpson set off a full-fledged paparazzi frenzy when she headed into a Beverly Hills doctor's office, sparking speculation that she was consulting a cosmetic surgeon.

    Just weeks ago her little sis Ashlee zipped into the Beverly Hills medical building of a well-known plastic surgeon for a quick nip and tuck to her nose — a story broken exclusively by The ENQUIRER.

    So shutterbugs felt sure 25-year-old Jess was getting a little fine-tuning as she entered the medical building of Dr. Arnie Klein, a top cosmetic surgeon.

    But The ENQUIRER has learned that while Jessica did consult with a medical specialist on May 19, it had nothing to do with improving her looks. She went to see a psychiatrist.

    "No one knows for sure what Jessica discussed, but it was clear that she was seeking help for something very troubling," said an inside source. "Her hand was trembling as she reached for the door, and she looked like she was desperately trying to fight back tears as she went back out to face the world."

    Added another source: "It's anyone's guess what the real issue is. But there's lots of speculation.

    "Jessica's definitely not over Nick. Their divorce is steamrolling through, but she hasn't really looked happy since they split.

    "And then there's her father. Joe Simpson single-handedly put Jessica on the map. She's fighting hard now to assert her own independence — and that's not easy for a young woman who's been told all her life what to do, what to say and what to wear.

    "Whatever her issues, Jessica should be commended for seeking professional help. It's the only way she can truly become her own woman."
  2. I HOPE SO!!!:devil:
  3. i'm thinking maybe Karma is doing her job :smile:
  4. I'm pretty sure most people going through a divorce could use some counseling to get through it, especially those who's every move is photographically documented.
  5. ^^Agreed! Plus Jessica has spoken openly about seeing a therapist since last year, so seems like nothin new!
  6. Maybe she should keep her eyes closed when she kisses!

  7. LMAO :lol: :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :lol:
  8. I can only wish her the very best.
  9. it is sad though to see her like this. i remember when she wanted the divorce, she seemed.. happy. arghh. i dont knw wht im trying to say. ignore me please.
  10. So easy to think you can do better, that the whole world wants you...until you're alone. Nick seemed to adore her, even before she was front-page material. She's going to have a hard time replacing him with someone genuinely in love with her, that's for sure. I guess the reality of that is starting to sink in. Sad stuff.
  11. I think that there is no easy divorce in the world, even if the couple parted amicably, remain friends etc. It's natural, and I do wish that things work out for her. And his moving-on so quickly isn't helping.

  12. I agree. I wish her all the best.