Is Hilary Duff carrying the City or the First?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. City
  3. ^ Thanks. I know im late to the party but for those who have the city... how do you like it? I'm debating if its still worth getting (its been in style for awhile already so I dont know when it will begin to look dated). Considering the cost, I'd want something that will be in style for a long time to come.
  4. That's def a city
  5. Is it the Antracite City?
  6. Looks to me like an 05 black City...Def. not 06 or 07 leather...
  7. that plomb in action?
  8. It looks like a black city that's been "broken in" to get that slouchy look.
  9. yea, it looks really soft and cushy :drool:

    i'm supa late to the party too. i don't know when the City was created. i just got my City. maybe it's not broken in yet, where the 'frame' is, so i'm not crazy about the style yet. the First is the most classic, i believe? i prefer this style and it'd be great to own the older Firsts:
    the First doesn't hold much, as you know.

    maybe i'm biased but i think that BAL outlasts many other IT brands.
  10. I got my Aquamarine City about a month back and I LOVE it. It holds everything I need. I carry it just about every day (except rainy days). I have nothing but great things to say about it.
  11. The City has been "in" for quite some time. It has proven that it's just not a trendy bag anymore but becoming a classic.

    I love the City. It flatters the female form, is feminine and functional. Plus it comes in various colors for every person's individual taste. I defintiely think you can't go wrong if you purchase a bbag City.:tup:
  12. i'm kind of appalled by the way her friend overstuffed her Chanel...
  13. that's exactly why i haven't bought a chanel and my first motorcycle bbag is not a first. i would be like that!! LOL.

    hilary's city looks very much loved!
  14. City and I love them but also love the first as well.
  15. City and it looks like the plomb to me.