Is Hermes more important than safety?

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  1. This question sounds ridiculous I know. But it was sparked by an entry in the Louis Vuitton subforum. A woman was attacked by two robbers. She refused to let go of her Louis Vuitton bag, holding on to it for dear life. She sustained a pretty bad beating and some scars and bruises. Some ladies admitted that they would hold on to their bags as well. Others vehemently said that they would let the bag go.
    So I pose the question to you ladies. We all know how difficult some Hermes bags are to acquire and how much they cost. In the event of a mugging, would you hold on to the bag, or let it go?

    Personally I would have to let the bag go. It might hurt me to do otherwise. I think life is more important than ANY bag.
  2. I have insurance - I'd let the bag go!
  3. I don't own an Hermes, but NO bag is worth my life.
  4. I TOTALLY agree with bag/car/rings/watch is worth risking your life!
  5. Definitely not
  6. I agree that I'd let my handbag go. I would just hope that I get a really CLUELESS robber who doesn't recognize a good bag when he sees one!

    In all seriousness, I was mugged a few years ago in D.C. (not hurt at all). The robbers took the cash out of my wallet, and left everything else--purse, credit cards, other contents--in an ally. The cops returned it to me without a scratch on it.
  7. i would let go the bag, it does not worth my life :p
  8. it's almost never about the bag, it's usually the contents:yes
  9. no material item is worth that...PERIOD. you can always get another if it means that much to you. the important thing is health and safety. was the LV worth the beating that lady took?

    i think LV bags are more brand visible due to the logo than our beloved hermes.

    also, saw the question below. how do you get a policy just for your bag? i was told mine covered art. well, hermes IS art, doncha know? but then i was told to keep the receipt in a safe place. ???

  10. [FONT=&quot]Ninja Sue, is the insurance through your homeowner's, or do you have a policy just for your bags. I need to update my coverage big time.

    The robbers can have the bag and the stuff inside.

    This is one of the reasons that I like an understated bag.[/FONT]
  11. Let it go. Nothing material is worth losing your life over.
  12. Definitely would let the bag go! I would assume they would just want whats inside, no?
  13. Well, if your head trauma was significant enough, you would be so non compis mentus you wouldn't remember you had a Hermes bag.

    It's like a car jacking...let it go. Everything can be replaced and insurance makes it easier to swallow.
  14. Law Enforcement always says "Let Go of The Bag"!

    I have heard it over and over.
  15. Some homeowner's (and renter's) insurance carriers require that you purchase a rider to cover expensive items. My carrier covers my bags under my "contents" limit. I just need to take inventory once a year and make sure my contents limit is high enough.
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