Is Hermes like the Rolex of purses?

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  1. I've been watching these purses for a while now, but I have not purchased one yet. These bags receive rave reviews so they have become more attractive to me. I like good quality purses, and I'll pay for excellent workmanship.
    I need some insight on materials used and things to look for. Since I am a newbie in shopping for one, what is a good starter purse? I'm in the Houston area so there is a store in the Galleria area.
    I am looking forward to being the proud owner of one!;)
  2. More like Patek Philippe.
  3. ^ That's exactly what I was going to say. Only H and patek.:yes:
  4. And to answer your question, I suggest you go into the store and try them on for size. It's really hard to answer your questions without knowing more about you. For example, the leathers are all different. Do you like smooth or textured leathers? Do you like colors vs. neutrals? Do you lead a casual vs. dressy lifestyle? Also, the proportions of each bag are different. For example, I love a 28cm Kelly and feel anything bigger looks like a suitcase on me. There are so many variables to the equation that it would be impossible to pin anyone down to one bag/leather/color combo. What I did when I started was research the leathers, colors, sizes, and types of bags. It helps that NYC is my store and that they are very good about letting me "try things on for size", even when have no intention of buying because they want to make sure I go home with the right bag.
  5. See, IMO, everyone knows about Rolex. Not everyone knows about the Patek and its quality. Patek is one of those brands you buy for quality and not because you are label conscious.
  6. My thoughts exactly!
  7. Once you have had H or Patek, you can never go back. Welcome to the party, Coleigh! I really hope you can learn while having a great time here.
  8. Coleigh, I just wanted to say welcome :yahoo: and congrats on your future H purchase!!!
    What are you looking for in a starter bag? My first was an Evelyne and I highly recommend it if you need a shoulder/messenger bag. My other bag is a Picotin which is a great grab and go bag. Or you might want to start with some that are classics like the Kelly, Birkin, Trim, Bolide or Plume. Or some designs that are newer...anyway, you can't really go wrong! :tup: They are all beautiful!
  9. It is true that SA are there to aid you in your purchase, but it is more valuable to receive the opinions of owners who have giving these purses a run. Your advice on size was useful. Thanks!
  10. *grin* I would say that LV is more like Rolex. Welcome!
  11. I really want a bag that is not common like the Kelly and the Birkin. I have had my eye on the Lindy. It's different, and I like the option of wearing as a shoulder bag or handbag. I am considering a neutral bag, too. It has to be a purse that can transition from casual to dressy atmospheres.
  12. ditto HG, licencetocook, Kellybag. :yes::yes: Hermes is all the way up there. Nothing else beats it.
  13. I can only think of the Kelly. And just not any Kelly either.

    Day clutches seem to be in vogue. Do you all think the Kelly Longue or Medor can fit the bill? Both of them don't qualify for ultra casual of course.
  14. H makes great bags, but my favourites are all structured ones - Kelly, Birkin, Constance plus various clutches. Do take a look at the different styles in the reference section. Lots of eye candies there to keep you up at night.
  15. The Picotin is cute and simple. Any thoughts????