is hermes herbag now available??

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  1. i'm quite interest to buy herbag hermes..can someone tell me that the bag is still available? and how much around is it? i'm confuse to choose hermes herbag either hermes garden party bag...thankss....:biggrin:
  2. anyone please???
  3. They are both available but the Herbag can be tricky to find

    Be a little patient waiting for a response

  4. thankss =)
    how much around the herbag ya??thankss a lot ya for response...=)
  5. Depends what country you are in
  6. I have just bought a Herbag in the UK , price was approx 1150 GBP . There's a pic in the action thread page 346 .

  7. i'm in Indonesia...=)
  8. Sorry I wouldn't know then. Might be an idea to visit your store

  9. ok then..thanks...=)
    how about the price of herbag in your country? so i have an imagine how much it will be in Indonesia...where are you come from?
  10. Have seen it at the Singapore airport Hermes shop recently.