is hermes cheaper in france? italy? greece? or england?

  1. i know it would be definately sheaper than here in Australia, and i assume France would be cheapest, but would the paris store(s) jack up the prices? what return do you get on visiting tax? and is this taken at the store or airport? i know thier are many questions thier and now a favour (which is a huge ask) if anyone who lives in the above countries can cell me how much the double kelly bracelet is it would be ahge help as im trying to find the cheapest! dont go out of your way for me just with your next visit/purchase can you please ask that question for me? i have 2 months so no need to hurry
  2. When the ladies get on the board shortly there are a few that will know this. Be patient and you will have your answers soon.
  3. yeah hopefully, designer gear maybe so awsome but is so so so expencive escepcially scine im 16 and have an on-off job, so i have to find the cheapest most possible place, i should probly add the fact that my family are visiting these countries in june-july so thats y i wanted to know
  4. it's not just the price tag to consider, but also the exchange rate, VAT, etc. i assume for americans, maybe argentina is one of the cheapest... or mexico? i'm no that up on my exchange rates. :shame:
  5. Paris is cheaper.. but I heard Venice is the cheapest!
  6. now see that's interesting. why would venice be cheaper than any other part of italy? i mean it isn't a matter of city so much as country, right? france vs. italy?
    in the US i don't think there is any price difference between floriday or los angeles or ny. am i wrong? :unsure:
  7. there are certain things that are cheaper in france and certain things that are cheaper in the least in the scarves, pocket scarves, and twillys dept.
  8. Right - there is not a lot of savings on scarves in Paris Vs. USA but more on bags.
  9. i'm about to work venice into my europe trip in place of como :evil:
  10. Hmm... I'm going to Europe later on this year. I really want a Kelly bag, but I was under the impression that it was a waitlist everywhere. So can you actually pick one up readily at the Paris shops?
  11. well im looking to get a bracelet, anyone have any idea where this is cheapest? thanks you guys have helped heaps, does anyone have a double kelly bracelet to tell me how much it cost?