Is He Wearing Nail Polish.....On His Toes ??

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    , Kate Beckinsale, husband, director Len Wiseman, and daughter shopping @Robertson Blvd
  2. Eek, I've seen nails polished on guys but toenails?
    Either way I don't like it. :yucky:
  3. he probably let his DD paints his toenails :biggrin:
  4. i agree, i bet it was his daughter
  5. I HOPE it was his DD. "Cuz it looks PRETTY bad!
  6. Yeah, that looks pretty weird....but Kate looks amazing! Love the dress!
  7. he he he!!! he IS! wow, good eye. maybe somebody put it on him the night before while he was drunk as a joke. i dunno, perhaps not.
  8. Kate's skin looks amazing.
  9. I painted DH's toenails once when he was asleep!
  10. If it was his DD, then that was very sweet of him to allow her to give him a "makeover". I am sure it made her day that her daddy went out sporting her handiwork.
  11. I have seen a handful of guys here in San Francisco with painted toenails, mostly in dark browns. It does take you off guard, but given the fact that so many guys have disgusting feet, it was nice to see that some guys actually take care of them!
  12. What I thought:yes:
  13. beck.jpg
  14. What a dork....hehe. Love Kate though!
  15. It's not a good look, definitely, but he is a nice looking guy, and he seems to be pretty unfussy, so I don't think he did it out of vanity, most likely it's a "dare" or his daughter did it!