Is he right?

  1. hey all..!

    My boyfriend thinks that the jumbo size is a tad too big for me, and is more suitable for older women. He says that the small size is more proportionate to my 5'6, size 8 (uk) body. I personally like all the sizes, but would prefer one that is convenient enough to be used as an everyday-bag.

    What do you guys think? (and yes, i can only get ONE! ;) ) i seriously need some advice coz i'm getting sooooooooooo torn!!

  2. i actually dont think the jumbo is too big for anyone :p
    the jumbo is a little big. but it's not so big that it'll look tacky on anyone small
    it's a perfect size imo hehe
    i say, go to the nearest dept store/boutique and try on all the sizes and see which one you like best
  3. i already did, and i like em all!!! *lol* oh lord, im in big trouble eh?
  4. i think.. you should go the jumbo :smile:
  5. when i was trying on the different sizes to decide on my 1st flap, i immediately ruled out the jumbo, thinking it was waay too big, i'm 5'6, sz 0-2. but now, i wish i had bought the jumbo when i had the opportunity to buy it at 1695. it's most practial and looks great. so i think you should go for the jumbo.
  6. I think the jumbo would be fine :smile:
  7. Go for the jumbo. You'll never outgrow it. I think it looks great on petite girls!
  8. I know most girls here love the jumbo, personally I don't love the way it looks on me and it's not my favorite on others either, it's a beautiful bag but I can't help but feel like something is off for that style in that size..... I'm 5'6" and size US 2 and I like the classic flap best on me in the med/large and the east west. Now the jumbo is most likely a more practical size so I totally understand that aspect, but when I try it on I usually feel like I'm a child trying on my moms bag........and my husband laughs and says it looks silly on me...... Go with what feels right on you though, this is totally just my opinion.
  9. I think the jumbo is the way to go for everyday. My hubby is very fashion savy for a guy, but dislikes most Chanels because he thinks they look old. I just buy what I like and don't worry about his opinion anymore.
  10. I love my jumbo, it's a great size & not too big for anyone. You even see tiny celebs like Nicole Richie with it. And I think the extra space is definitely worth it.:tup:
  11. See I think you went with what was right for you though and now your thinking about it because of the price difference not because it was the best fit for you looks wise....... I think they have so many other large bags to chose from......the classic flap is just sooooo pretty in the smaller sizes IMHO.
  12. Love love LOVE the jumbo and love love LOVE huge bags on tiny bodies! Keep it!
  13. I love my fact I carry the XL and I am only 5 ft!
  14. no, i do like the jumbo, i have since bought a large outdoor flap that's the same size as the jumbo and use it alot. overall my tatse in bags have gotten bigger over the year. if i hasn't bought the smaller coco cabas, i probably would've gone for the really large one that came out this year.
  15. I love the jumbo. I'm a couple inches taller than you but the same size and I think it's perfect. I like the medium as well but I don't think it's as good for day time use.

    That said, I DO think the jumbo looks too big on some people. It looks like they're playing dress up or something to me. From your height and size though, I doubt I'd think that in regards to you.