Is having 4 Firsts too many?

  1. My Balenciaga collection consists of 3 firsts right now and I am planning on getting the new yellow in a first (it's the perfect size for me); however, is having 4 firsts in different colors too many for one style? Any other Balenciaga is too large for me...Curious if anyone else has a similar situation/dilemma ;)
  2. If that's your favorite style I don't think it's too many. What's the point in buying different sizes if you feel like they're too big for you and then won't carry them? Buy what you love!
  3. ITA^^ :yes:
  4. Nothing wrong with having 4 firsts!!! Just ask Bridget!!! She has like 12 twiggy's!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  5. If the first is the style that works best for you and you love all four of the colors, I would say go for it!
  6. Hell no. And I mean hell no.

    Heehee, I have only three and am on the constant hunt for more. The First is the BEST and most classic style, IMO. They're like shoes; a girl can never have enough.

    :heart::heart::heart: the First!
  7. if it's the perfect style for you and all the other ones are too big then buy as many as you want!
  8. Too many? how can one have too many bals?? ;)
    If the size fits you well, you love everything abt it, and have enough financing..I say go for it :yes:
  9. I have 8 city bags in different colors. I don't own any other Bal styles. Get what works for you!
  10. Never too many as long as they are in different colors.
  11. If it works for you... go for it! I have a similar situation.. but instead of the same "type" of bag... i have diff. bags of the same color.

    The first is soo easy to use too.. a little, easy, hassle-free Bbag. :tup:
  12. absolutely not! :smile:

    if it fits your daily needs, then it's perfect you for~ i have several cities but after a while i ventured out onto the hobo, day, part's just a matter of when you're ready to try others and also make sure that you love those, too.
  13. Hey, I have FIVE Days... and 3 Firsts... and I use ALL of them!!! So, no, if it's your favorite style!
  14. ^^ i've got 3 black firsts, so "no" :p
  15. totally agreeing with everyone else! You always go with what you love!!!