Is authentic

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  1. Good day, I want to buy a Gucci bag as my mother's birthday gift from a website: , but I don't know that if it is authentic. I've searched it for hours but couldn't found any answer...please help me!
    Thank you very much~
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  3. I don't think I would order from a website that doesn't even spell the designers' names correctly and has horrible grammar.
  4. I am the owner of this website and I can guarantee that all our products are authentic. On our Home Page and About Us page there is a lifetime guarantee of authenticity for each product. I encourage each customer of mine to take their purchass to any Authourised Designer Outlet for confirmation of this fact. Authenticity of products is not how many pictures are displayed or supposed bad grammar. I started this internet business because I totally love fashion and would love every lady to be able to afford something really precious to her at an affordable price. All our stocks are direct from the designer factories. Our stocks are all over runs and cancelled orders from the designer factories. The only draw back to some is that our stocks are limited and sell very fast. Thank you for your time. Marcia
  5. Hello I would appreciate knowing where you feel that these errors occur so that if there are any that they can be fixed. Marcia
  6. Please take the time to find out the facts about a website, especially a business owner is who honest and selling only authentic designer products, before posting such comments. I could make a lot more money on these authentic designer products but really would love it if all ladies could have the opportunity to share my joy of the latest fashion and styles to enjoy. Thanks for your time. Marcia
  7. I'm seeing at least one brand that is not authorized to be sold on this website.
  8. What brand do you feel is not authorized for sale? What credentials do you have to judge if I can sell these authentic designer products? Am quite interested as you have made a very bold statement. I would appreciate your reply. Marcia

  9. We have a lifetime guarantee of authenticity on all our products. This is clearly displayed on our website. Please take any of your purchases from our website to an authorized dealer to confirm this. Marcia
  10. Sorry, I'm not going to answer your question because you should know. If you do, you are willingly selling counterfeits. If you don't, you are unwillingly selling counterfeits.

    I know others will see what brand I'm talking about and agree.
  11. Aika... This type sites use stock photos taken from designer websites and are not authorized resellers. These type sites do not provide actual photos of the items being sold, therefore pre-purchase authentication cannot be obtained. These type sites are a dime a dozen and typically ship counterfeit merchandise.
    A claim or guarantee of authenticity by such site is not worthy of consideration IMO. There are literally thousands of these type sites, all making the same claims as to authenticity.
    VERY sweet of you to wish to buy your mom a new Gucci for her birthday! I advise that you buy it from a Gucci authorized reseller and not risk buying from unknown online sites.
  12. Since when do designer "factories" sell overstocks and overruns to independent businesses directly??


  13. Hello as I stated in my previous email I would like all references to my website not being authentic to be removed within 24 hours or I will be taking legal action. The people making these comments are accusing me of an illegal offense which is a very serious offense. U are allowing comments to degrade my website and stop customers buying from me. I look forward to your immediate attention to this matter. Hmmm I am wondering if these comments are actually coming from website owners who do not sell authentic designer handbags.
  14. :yahoo:
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