Is HAC not coming in siz 40 or 45 anymore???

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Since I just got my 1st B...I am in love with Hermes today I called my SA and trying to put my name on the waiting list for a HAC 40 / 45 in Vert Veronese / Etoupe...however my SA said HAC has discontinued for size 40 / 45...the smallest it only comes is 50 (which is quite heavy as daily bag)...she instead of puting me on the waiting list for those...she put me on for Birkin the HAC really discontinued in those sizes???

  2. yes, i've been told that HAC is no longer in production.
  3. omg....:wtf:
  4. why is hermes dropping soem many on thier classic bags?! the sellier kelly is now discontinued and now the HAC?!! Thats are the most iconic of H bags... the HAC is hte father birkin for crying out load... clearly these bags take too logn to produce and the craftsman's time is better spent making birkins which pull more profits... really sad they are rejecting their heritage.

    soon H store will only be making Birkins and picotins LOL