Is HAC just as coveted at Birkin?

  1. Walked into Hermes store on Madison over the weekend and found the HAC black fjord. How does it compare to Birkin in terms of desirability? By the way it was TDF.
  2. No. It's not as coveted. Primarily because the Birkin is such an IT bag thesedays. I think the average Joe wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two, usually.

    I love both. The HAC was the original.
  3. HAC is gorgeous, but I prefer Birkin. I prefer shape of Bikrin over HAC (elongated). It's really personal taste.
  4. Currently I am coveting a Hac more than a birkin
  5. :yes:
  6. Casually speaking, the HAC is often referred as the "tall birkin". I love the HAC.

    I have overheard ladies at my store commenting that because the HAC is more readily available, therefore they do not want it, and want to chase after a Birkin. :confused1: My store supervisor never fails to remind me that HACs are for Hermes connoiseurs. Ladies who do not understand its history will not know how to appreciate it.
  7. ^ DD calls it the "Harry High-Pants" bag, because she overheard my SA describing it as "High Belts".
  8. ^^That is so funny, GF. LOL!!! I own a Harry High-Pants HAC.
  9. If I could afford a Hermes bag right now, [apart from the Bolide, which is my first choice], I would get the HAC over the Birkin. I love the look of it. Esp. the leather/toile combos.
    mrssparkles, how sad is that 'logic'?
  10. ^^ guess that's what makes IT bags such a success these days. If everyone wants one, I want one too. Yes, it's sad the way they think. Oh well .....
  11. Ah dear mrssparkles, leave it to you to make me feel even more fortunate to have a 32cm Rouge H Box HAC. The short answer to your question, xlawson, is that the HAC isn't as coveted. The long answer is that the HAC is an acquired taste. It's not just that it's the precursor of the Birkin, it's that the HAC has a style of its own. It's got a slim profile and long torso, making it a very elegant alternative to a Birkin. BTW, it also makes the wearer look taller and slimmer.
  12. I really like the look of the HAC. I like the history behind the bag and as has been pointed out it is the bag the Birkin concept was derived from.
    My February Podium will be a 36HAC. Not sure yet about the color, but I am 99% sure the leather will be Fjord.
    As my SA says "It's all about the Birkin" he has commented that people don't seem to realize that Hermes has numerous styles of handbags.
    So, no I do not believe the HAC is as sought after as the Birkin.
  13. I seem to recall someone pointing out that the tall slim profile of the HAC makes the wearer look taller/slimmer too. Any bag that does that goes through the roof on my desirability meter!!
  14. I wanted to trade for a particular Birkin that a well known reseller had. I offered to trade an HAC and she told me there is no market for that bag! I personally prefer the HAC over the Birkin. MrsS: I can't believe the HAC is easier to get where you are! I have such a hard time finding one, and that is what I'm after!
  15. More for me then!!:yes: