Is H reissuing Fleurs d'Lotus?

  1. It does look like that, in the PrincessB's thread, Perja did say she got a lotus scarf/pocket square. I am patiently waiting for a picture :flower:
  2. omg, that's SO pretty!!!!

    lol...sorry, can't help with your question, though!
  3. PF, here's a pic :smile:


  4. Yes, it's a reissue, but I've only seen pocket squares. Didn't pay attention the CWs.
  5. There will be a GM mousseline for this design as well. Not sure of cws though.
  6. That is really pretty! I would be interested to see this one in person.
  7. That is stunning! Adore that one!
  8. I've only seen the pocket squares so far but I think there was a mousseline in the works.
  9. ^^ooh, that would be amazing in a mousse!
  10. I just picked one up this afternoon. The sticker label indicates the color is parme/sable/taupe. It is really beautiful in person. The orientale design depicts a beautiful array of lotus flowers with a hint of light purple/lilac. The same design in pink is wonderful as well.
  11. I'd love to see the pink.