Is Gwen Headed in the Right Direction?

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Is Gwen Headed in the Right Direction?

  1. I prefer the older stuff and think she needs to tame it down a bit

  2. Every time a new bag comes out it just gets better and better!

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  1. Just wondering what the overall opinion is towards the progression of the L.A.M.B. bags. This includes all the different lines (Signature, Kensington, Love, Jacquard, etc). When I first discovered LAMB handbags what I liked was that while they were "funky" they were still somewhat classic designs that would carry over beyond a season or two. I could see myself rockin a Saddle or Lipstick bag 10 years from now easy. Rasta? Sure, unless my own personal style were to drastically change. Bullseye…maybe not ten years but you get my point.

    Well, the newer stuff really hasn't grabbed me like previous seasons. The love stuff is nice but I haven't really seen a color that I super loved except Chartreause and even then there really wasn't a bag style for me. We all know I like the Jacquard Kerry but I wouldn't die without it (like I when I was dieing over my BE Exeter, lol) I really don't care for Ombre Checkerboard or Camel Checkerboard enough to actually own it. White Leopard is waaay too much white. The black/white Checkerboard I am still on the fence about. The Ombre Green is growning on me but I still haven't seen a bag style that I would like to own. I loved the Kensington leather and design, but again never found a bag style that quite suited me. So my question is…

    Do you thing over time the colors/designs have improved or gotten worse? Do you think L.A.M.B. (handbags only) is headed in the right direction? I'm not so sure. I mean, my wallet breathes a sigh of relief and I really don't want to constantly be buying new bags. But even when I'm not buying I enjoying looking at new designs and stuff. Honestly, right now there are things that I think are "okay" but nothing I just have to have. What do you guys think? Do you prefer the earlier LAMB colors/styles or do you think the new stuff is better??
  2. I'm in the middle.

    As for signature line, i love her earlier prints with the exception of the silver.. i'm not quite sure why but the silver just doesn't do it for me.. i'm not a fan of the newer print with the exception of bullseye.. i dont like ombre check, camel check, WL, not even the black & white check and ombre green..

    as of the love line.. i think it's getting better and better.. i love the past and current collection.. including the one with velvet trim in the middle (i actually like all of the color), frosted love & antachrite collection, and this glazed love collection are TDF!

    dont care that much for nylon-based collections, kensington & lucerne lines are just an okay collection.. i gotta have one or two pieces from jacquard collection.. the patent ombre manchester is probably in my future collection..
  3. I am really getting into the Jacquard collection. I didn't love it when i first saw it.. but it really grown on me... I do enjoy the green, but I also am very ecletic in my style... so the more colors she throws out there the more i can mix and match... I like the nylon but i am kind of into a nylon juicy bag.
  4. I absolutely love the B&W checkered and I like the green...but I think that some of the older prints were better especially the original saddle, it's just so classy and timeless. I really hope at some point they will decide to produce it every season just in different shapes (kind of like mono LV).
  5. For a while I loved the rasta and signature colors in general. However, the newer checker stuff reminds me of a fake Louis and I don't want to spend anything on something that reminds me of a lesser version of something else.
    I do like that you can carry a signature print LAMB bag and not have everyone know what it is, however, I think that Gwen needs to push some signature classics into the collection that will re-appear season after season (like Louis, Kate Spade, Coach, ect.);;; the brand seems all over the place right now, which is frusturating.
    My advice to Gwen:
    narrow it back down to some more basic lines, than re-branch.
  6. P.S. I would also like to see some treated leather instead of PVC. I know this may increase the cost a bit, but some LAMB signatures are close to 1,000 and you can get a Louis speedy made from leather for much cheaper than 1,000.
    The PVC kind-of irks me, I have the idea of plastic.
  7. ^^^ .. LV speedy in the monogram canvas.. or damier is coated canvas as well. Only handles and trim are leather... unless you're talking about a different line
  8. I love the saddle too. But all the new stuff is different which I like. I love different colors like the green...the grey..stuff you dont really see. And the checkerboard! OMG! who else but gwen.
  9. I love some of the new stuff that she is doing, but not everything. When the first couple collections came out (spring and fall of 2007) I was in LOVE with it all, the saddle, silver, cheetah, and rasta were all TDF! I still love a lot of what she is making, but she is all over the place! I kinda miss the good ol' days of cheetah and rasta...
  10. Yeah, I am the same. I loved EVERYTHING in the some stuff I like and some stuff I'll pass. I am really starting to fall for the Ombre Green though....I didn't even like it in the beginning.
  11. I like alot of the older stuff. I'm not liking any of the checkerboards. I also don't like the white leopard or the multi jacquard. I love the BE but I don't see it as being a classic print. I love the shadow and the new green ombre. I'm also liking the new jamaican multi jacquard. I do wish she would tame it down a bit.
  12. LV is not leather. Its PVC as well. I am talking about the sig line..They make leather, but not in "america's favorite" LV print.

  13. There are very nice leather bags in the LAMB line - the Love collection is mostly leather, and the new Capris, Pavia Flaps, and other bags are quite nice and in line with the pricing of the mono-LV.
  14. Okay, stupid me. I guess I was thinking LV was leather because I know the bags hold up like WHOA! and I am kind of getting the vibe that the LAMB bags do not do to the scratching on the rasta, ect.
    Overall I would just appriciate a more classic line as well as these crazy others!
  15. I think the rasta is the most delicate of all the prints. The others hold up really well.