Is Gucci way chearper in other countries other than the USA?

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  1. Hello Everyone

    I friend of mine's told me that Gucci and other designer name purses at about $20 dollars overseas and that it's only here that they are sold at thousands of dollars. Is this really true?

    Thank you
  2. #2 Mar 11, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2014
    No way! :sweatdrop:
    Last time I check Gucci online prices where close to US prices. Some are like LV, like 50-200 difference off of US price charged. Some are more expensive than what they are charge in the US. I'm using a currency converter app on my iPhone when looking at Europe prices. :smile:

    In Asia, I bet they would be charging more than at US and all over Europe. I am aware that LV is more expensive in South Korea. LOL
  3. Hi!! Im going to Turkey in May and was thinking about buying a couple of disco bags while I'm out there. When I went on to they were listed at €690 when I used a converter it came to $310.65. It sounds a little too good to be true can that price possible be right? Also are you familiar with import duties fees?
  4. I never traveled outside of the US. So I can't answer about import duty fees ( would love to travel someday). I would go visit the Bon Voyage section and look for Turkey thread and ask about import duty fees or make a thread to ask. :smile:
  5. Are you sure you converted from euros to dollars? 690 euros should come to about 958 dollars but if you're traveling you should look up what the daily conversion is to be sure...
    I have heard that you can claim back taxes in UK or France at the airport. If you're planning on making larger purchases check out the Hermes shopping in Paris thread to get more details... Or the Mulberry ones for UK.. Enjoy your trip and shopping!
  6. Oh ok. Thank you so much for getting back to me. You're absolutely right. Great idea I'm going to make a thread and ask. Thanks so much! :smile:
  7. No problem! I hope your trip will be wonderful!
    If you buy the Disco bag or something else from us! :biggrin:
  8. Honestly I'm not sure if I did it right. I converted from Turkey's TRY to United States USD and that's the price that it gave me. I'm like no this can't be right lol. I'm going to try a different money converter and see if the amount changes. Thank you I will check it out! Awe thanks a lot.... I super excited! :yahoo::woohoo::smile:
  9. Thank you so much!! Ok I sure will. :smile:
  10. Hey no worries - I am fairly certain that Turkey isn't part of EU so they don't use the Euro currency in store BUT it is possible that the Gucci site had euro prices as it is defaulting to the region (europe)... If it showed the € sign then it's for sure euros. Either way, make sure not to exchange any money at the Airport as they always have the worst currency exchange rates!
  11. I think it depends on the tax rate in each country. But if you are a tourist, you can get the refund usually at the airport. i did that when i travelled to London.

  12. Thanks a lot for the tip. I learned the hard way when we went to Italy a few years ago. Then currency exchange rates were horrible.

  13. Oh ok thank you! Oh that's great I didn't know that. Thanks a lot!!
  14. Your friend was talking about fake designer bags. Please do not get a fake bag. I find the US has much better pricing for designer goods including cosmetics than in Asia. One of my friends used to live in China and it's very expensive. She said it's almost non affordable and definitely more pricey than US qnd she buys Celine, Gucci, Dior and YSL. The prices arent much different between Canada and US but it's the taxes that make it a lot more. That's the reason why I prefer to shop designer in the US over Canada and also many of the designer goods are only available in major cities.
  15. Oh okay. My friend is full of herself. I had a feeling that designer purses weren't that much cheaper. thaNK YOU