is gucci less expensive in italy?

  1. I'm going to florence and rome in a month. i was wondering if gucci's were less expensive there.

    i've heard they are slightly less expensive but by how much? and how does the vat work?

    can anyone help me out?

  2. Yes, GUCCI is def cheaper in Italy. Not too sure about the VAT though.
  3. I purchased two Gucci's in Italy in May and they were about $150 less for each bag. I got the paperwork to file for VAT while at the store and the process was pretty easy when I got to the airport. However, I still have not received my VAT refund yet and that was 2 1/2 months ago.

  4. pama, it usually take 2-3 billing cycles to see VAT refund if you put it back on your credit card.
  5. Thank you chaussurewhore....I guess that means I should be seeing it on my charge card next month....fingers crossed
  6. Well my VAT refund posted to my charge card today :woohoo:The total cost for my messenger and princy was $1,112. If I had purchased them in the states in would have been $1,478 (with tax) so I saved $366 on the two bags :yahoo:
  7. i had a similar experience to the post above! i was in italy in summer 2004 and purchased a small horsebit bag from tom ford's last collection. before i did i checked the prices on the internet in dollars and converted to euros and it was still cheaper! also on the plus side, i ended up getting the same bag in a different shape and turns out it was never sold over here! i have NOT regretted it for a second, so if you see one you really like, keep in mind that you might not be able to find it once you get back to the states!
  8. I was just in Rome! Damn, I didn't realize that. I thought that with the conversion and the US dollar down in value, it would've been about the same. I would've gotten my most wanted pelham and a wallet! :crybaby: