Is gucci large chain hobo worth buying?

  1. Hi

    I would like to buy an exotic bag and I am looking at gucci large chain hobo in metallic black python. Is it consider classic and timeless? I would like it to last for many years to come because it quite expensive if it last for only a season or two. I am 5'6''. Is this bag is too big for everyday use? I also would like to ask if anyone know how durable python skin is. I am afraid that the scale will curl up after a few uses. Please give any suggestions.:confused1:
  2. I just got the large brown Guccissima leather chain during the 10% off sale day. It is massive. You can fit most anything in the bag (even a small child :lol:). If you are concerned about the size, I'd say check out the medium. I wish I had gotten it instead.

    I remember seeing a thread/post about the scales of the python but I can't recall when.
  3. look @ Richinbag's thread: she just bought the python large chain bag.
    I think it's gorgeous and definately timeless. I have no exotics (yet?) so can't help you with the durability etc ...
    I think it's a big bag but if you like big bags, it's all personal.
    I have a medium chain bag and I'm 5'7" and I think it's ideal for everyday. it's not too small and not too big. you can see a pic of me wearing it @ thread (scroll down)