Is Gucci going to make Emily bags again?

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  1. Last year I almost bought my first gucci bag. I chose a beautiful Emily Guccissima shoulder bag. I really liked the shape. I got an email a few days later saying that my order was cancelled and I was refunded. The bag was sold out. I still have that credit and would love to buy another Emily. So far the only one they have is a mini black which I don't want. Do you think they will bring back that style? I don't want to use that credit for another bag and later see what I reaaly want come back. Any advice?
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    I wanted something like this in a nice color.

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  3. I very much doubt it.

    Have you tried asking in the outlets?
  4. That is too bad. I could search the outlets or online resellers, it is just that I wanted to use my credit at Saks and get one at the same time. I guess it's a different bag for me then );
  5. Ah, I see :yes:

    That's why with Gucci I always say if someone's particularly keen on something specific don't hang around because the best are usually gone