Is Griege closer to Grey or Beige???

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  1. Would love your thoughts. I'm deciding whether or not to buy a Griege Work, sight unseen.
  2. I would say the 2006 greige is coloser to grey. It is kind of light grey with a little beige tone in, but mainly it is light grey color to me.
  3. Mine is a little more on the beige side. I think there was a lot of variation with Greige. I've seen some that were very gray, others very beige and most a combination. All are gorgeous. It's a great color because it will go with brown tones or gay blacks. One of my favorite neutrals ever.
  4. I had a compagnon that I returned and it was more beige than grey. Def a soft, neutral colour. To be honest, for some reason I was a bit disappointed in the colour but I've loved all the photos of greige bags I've seen here.
  5. My work is more grey as beige.
    I also have a mastic of 2004 weekender and that is more beige than grey.

    I do like these colour if they are more grey or more beige i dont mind, love them.

    Good luck and Hugs FX:heart:
  6. My 06 greige City was more grey to she with new mommy :crybaby: