Is Grey A Good Color? Is This Cute?

  1. Do you guys happen to like this style and color?:nuts:
  2. Reminds me of the Botkier Bianca. I like the style, but I'm not a grey fan.
  3. i think the style is absolutely adorable...i'm just not a fan of gray...sorry...:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  4. I think it's cute!

    And I love gray, it works well with anything!
  5. I love grey. It's so versatile.
  6. Love the colour, not sure about the style...
  7. great bag!
  8. I think the bag is cute, and this is a good shade of grey. I have a darker grey bag, and feel that that bag doesn't go with a lot of things, but a lighter shade is much better, I think. So thumbs up for this one! :smile:
  9. I like it !!! I think gray is an ok color- fairly neutral.... I'd buy it !!
  10. love the colour, not the style :p
  11. I like the idea of gray because it's still a neutral but a little different that black, brown, tan or white. It's more unusual. It will also be nice for summer - I try to lighten up a little when the weather is warmer.

    FYI- Botkier released a bunch of styles in gray this season (i.e., Bianca, Sasha, etc.). May be worth it to check it out.
  12. Love grey, but not the bag/style!
  13. like the color, not a fan of the style
  14. I love the bag and the color. Gray is a great neutral and will work with anything and it will be stylish for years.
  15. Although I like grey bags, I'm not a fan of that style or color. Sorry!